Out with the old, in with the new! Part II

As I mentioned in the Part I post yesterday, we are assessing what is old and unnecessary to make room for the new.  I think a lot of people struggle with this and I admit I do sometimes as well.  As I make quilts, they have a lot of my time, energy, sometimes blood and of course, money involved in them.  It takes time to plan a quilt – what fabrics do I select, how big do I want to make it, how will it be quilted – which in turn uses energy – brain power, math skills, electricity to run the sewing machine and power the Ott lights – and ultimately money is involved to buy the materials.  (If you know of anyone who can quilt and not poke themselves at least once enough to draw blood, let me know!) With all that in mind, yes, it is hard to let go of my creations with so much invested.

BUT…once the money is spent, it’s gone…that is true with any purchase of any kind for any person. The money was spent to make something beautiful (fingers crossed!) and perhaps may last a long time.  It is spent to share my creativity to hopefully make someone smile each time they cuddle under the warmth and security of that quilt or lovingly fold it and admire it over a chair or bed.  Once those quilts are gone, my creativity is free to make another quilt using different fabrics or techniques and skills…honestly, that is the fun of creating.

Here are just a few of my quilts now gone but not forgotten.

Baby gift 2013

"Father Christmas" SOLD 11/2013


"Blankety-Blank Bloomin' 9-Patch SOLD 12/2013

I sold and/or gifted at least 10 quilts this year.  I would much rather they be enjoyed by others rather than stacked and piled in one or more of my closets.  I will keep the most special ones but the others have to go.

What can you let go of from 2013 to make room for something new in 2014? Just take a deep breath and do it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Connie Luna
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 16:44:44

    Love your quilts



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