Cold outside but colorful inside!

Good morning from the Sooner nation…it is a sunny but frigid morning…7 degrees! This barefoot girl is not liking it! Some schools in Oklahoma are closed due to the bitter cold so if it’s too cold for the kids to get on a bus then it’s too cold for me to venture out as well!

That leaves me with a day to tackle that stash and deal with another one…the thread stash.  Here it is in all its colorful glory!


I tried to count them, but they were like herding cats! I think there is about 130 spools stacked 2-deep in this tub! I am sure there are others hiding in project tubs and the dark corners of my sewing closet but they will be rounded up!  Now for the record, I did not buy all of these. I worked with a woman who’s mother, a fellow crafty type, passed away.  She knew I quilted and offered them to me. I told her they would have a nice, warm home to live in.  Ok, that was at least a year nearly a decade ago.  Here is an up-close example of just how old SOME of these spools are!

DSC03898 DSC03897DSC03901DSC03902


Wow! Can you remember paying those prices? I gave away some that were on wooden spools…they definitely went to some happy quilting friends to live in their nice, warm homes! 😉

So what to do with this stash? A long time ago, a very talented quilter friend told me to use up any thread, preferable cotton, to piece quilt tops.  The thread won’t show anyway.  I have taken this to heart ever since and use pretty much whatever is closest in color to my project.  I have had no trouble nor heard any complaints with the quilts I have made doing this.  I know some of the fancy, new machines “prefer” special thread and I know some people “swear” only such and such thread works for them…that’s great! I am just giving you the freedom to use up what you have (unless it is polyester on a stryrofoam spool…I think that might be best used in some other application…of which I can think of none!)

So that’s the part B of my stash challenge… use up the scrap thread in this humble little tub to bust that stash of fabric in that ginormous tub.  These tubs of color sure brightened this girl’s heart on a bitter cold morning! And yes, I sew barefoot…but, today I think I will at least wear some warm socks!

Happy Monday!



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