More scrappy goodness!

Since it was so darn cold yesterday, I was able to sit inside with lovely cups of coffee and get some work done on my scraps with momentary lapses into Pinterest and Facebook posts. Ahem, we won’t talk about those moments half-hours lost to productivity! But I have to say, if you are looking for inspiration or patterns to use up your stash, the Internet is a plethora of ideas, dreams and knock-out talented quilters across the planet!

Here was my progress yesterday…I am determined to learn to paper-piece because there are so many patterns that call for this technique.  This is only my second project to paper-piece and it only took me a few hours to get this far – 2 colorful, almost 6-1/2″ blocks! GO ME!! I am using a pattern by Bonnie Jean Rosenbaum called “Off-Center Pineapple” (c) 1999 but she only used two colors for her stunning version! (Yes, I have had this pattern a LONG time!) These are batik scraps from a BOM I did nearly 5 years ago!




I thought the paper looked like it had been at a shooting range and it definitely will tear away easily when the time comes! I don’t want to hear any critiques of those not-sew-straight lines, either!  They are plenty good enough for a scrappy quilt…could you tell from the fabric side?!  Yea…I didn’t think so! 🙂

Now, I am not sure what this will look like when I get it finished but with scrappy quilts that is half the fun! I am learning a technique, busting fabric and thread stash and so far I am pleased with the turnout! That’s good enough for me on this one!

Here are some other ideas I got from Facebook quilters that keep me inspired to keep digging in that stash pile!

Floating Squares

This is called “Floating Squares” posted by Sandhya Shankar

Andreza Santiago MQ post

Here is a modern one posted by Andreza Santiago

If you get stuck with a pile of scraps and no idea what to do with them, try the Internet or Google. You will be amazed how fabulous scrappy quilts can be and the freedom they give you to try something new or not so new! Just do it! Or get in that sewing closet and use up a pattern you’ve had for a few years! 😉

Go have fun!


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