Make time…for music and a girls’ trip!

coffee-cup-4Yesterday started out pretty typical…first up…COFFEE of course! My husband posted a fun thing on his blog about coffee and the musical group ABBA after we watched “Mamma Mia” over the weekend. You can read it here.  I then bantered with a high school friend about the NEED for coffee and then checked a few other blogs before getting back to those scrappy, wonky pineapple blocks.  If I make one a day I feel pretty good!

My daughter, Courtney has started dreaming about her spring break (even though this semester hasn’t even started yet, but planning is good!) She has a blog, too so you can check out here! She kicked around the idea of a trip abroad, a cruise to the Caribbean and a bit more economical trip to a Florida beach.  As the discussions progressed, we decided a Mother/Daughter trip was much needed.  She and I have been on a quilt retreat, attended weddings and baby showers and we have had a few family trips but nothing like a week together…just the two of us! It was time to make time to do just that!

I will leave the final destination up to her (if a beach is nearby, that works for me!) and hopefully today we can take care of some final plans for airfare, place to stay and what to see and do! I am really looking forward to it and I hope she is too! I know taking a trip with the mom was not her first thought but I am glad she thinks it is a good plan.  Dad is just happy she isn’t going alone and is being supportive of the idea of it since he is very keen on having the house to himself for a week without women! 😉

Courtney spent the afternoon deciding the final destination and even started the process of getting her passport…you never know when a spontaneous trip abroad will present itself, right?!  I finished one wonky pineapple and started thinking of my next scrap project and started cutting the pieces.  I even squeezed in an on-line order of some additional batik fabric I need to finish another UFO.

Time is fleeting…what are doing to make the most of it today?

Disclaimer: Sorry if you have the ABBA tune playing over and over in your head after reading the hubs’ blog. Yea,  I was humming it for the rest of the day! 🙂


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