Make time…to learn a new language!

My husband and I have Hawaii on the brain…we are really, really addicted to those islands and can’t wait to get there! We look at posts on Facebook, search the Internet for trivia and facts and watch “Hawaii Life” on HGTV and “Buying Hawaii” on Destination America channels like little kids waiting for Christmas! We kinda get bummed when it’s a re-run night or if the buyers aren’t looking on our island of choice, Kauai! We have recorded a few episodes for those nights when there is nothing better than static to watch or we just need a sunshine and beach fix!

In our zeal for all things Hawaii, look what came in the mail a couple of days ago! Yea, we were crazy excited to see it!


Supposedly, there are 37 important things to do before you die…one of them is learn a new language! Well, all righty then…we are on it! The Hawaiian language only has 12 letters…a, e, i, o, u, h, k, l, m, n, p and w as well as an upside down apostrophe thing called ‘okina (weird to me it starts with an apostrophe!) Surely, that will be easier to learn than, say Chinese with tens of thousands of characters! We have mastered “humuhumunukunukuapua’a” the Hawaiian state fish! Yep, we can say all of that and not trip over our teeth! Of course, it is so much easier to just say the Reef Trigger fish but way more impressive if you say it in Hawaiian! 🙂

Along with the textbook, my honey bought us a calendar with the fabulous photography of Clark Little and me a coffee mug!


Our goal for the next few months, well actually longer once we get there, is to learn to pronounce the names of towns, road signs and a few key phrases like “I would like some coffee, please!” and “Which way to the beach, sir?” or, of course, “Where might I find some quilting fabric?”

I hope the locals are v-e-r-y forgiving when we don’t get it quite right!! 🙂



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