Inspiration for cold days in January!

The last few days here in Norman, OK, USA have been cold but at least sunny and full of a few unexpected events.  With cold days and a national holiday day off, there is nothing better than staying in and sewing to beat back the seemingly, ever-growing scrap tub and I can now post that I have seen the bottom of part of this pile! I am up to 25 wonky pineapple blocks and had enough inspiration to get up to 25 Mile-a-Minute blocks started!  I can see the clear bottom of the tub that contained these bright batik scraps of color!


As the blocks added up, I soon realized I didn’t care for setting them together like a traditional pineapple quilt pattern…all of this color was making my eyes hurt! So I began the always how long have I been on the computer! inspirational search thanks to Mr. Google! I found this glorious example and thought…aha!…that’s what I can do! Thanks A Girl in Paradise for sharing your lovely quilt for inspiration and even offering up a free pattern! You can “meet” the nicest and such creative people with Google searches!!

Scrappy pineapple

After seeing this layout, I only need to modify the corners of my blocks and frame them in a lovely almond/cream batik in my stash! I am a happy girl…and I even have some more scraps to make this in a different colorway! Scrap busting heaven!!!

Oh, and those unexpected events?! A surprise offer of interest in buying the house with flexibility on renting and move out date, my daughter met a new guy and went on their first “date” and our Mother/Daughter spring break trip is booked and set! This beach is on tap for March!!! Did I say I was a happy girl!? Yes…yes, I am!!!

madeira-beach-fl-morning-400Madeira Beach, Florida

I wish you a great day of inspiration!


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