Six more weeks of winter-bleh!

The meteorologists in Norman, OK are about as good as it gets…and they are literally less than 3 miles from our house at the Oklahoma University School of Meteorology! They predicted 1-3″ of snow for us today…and they were pretty much spot on…this beachy girl is not too thrilled! 😦

Snow day 020214


Oh, well…it’s Super Bowl Sunday…which meant some of our LQS were going to be open with fantabulous sales for the football widows…notice I said “were going to be open.” Yea, seems they didn’t want us to have collisions with the crazy drivers brave the elements either! Very sound decision!  Good news…there is always the Internet sales…but I digress!

So what’s a girl to do? Well, this girl is on the home stretch of the binding on one commissioned quilt and finished sewing the binding to the second quilt so I can pack up the sewing machine for retreat!



You all stay warm today…enjoy the game if that’s your thing…sew during said game if you are leaning towards that creative time…watch a few snowflakes…relax…pray…recharge…get ready for whatever comes your way tomorrow.  For us the hubster, it will be a snow shovel…bleh!


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