Tanglewood Retreat 2014

Nothing does a quilter more good than being with like-minded quilty types at a retreat! Last week’s retreat at Tanglewood Resort was no exception. Reconnecting with friends and making new ones with sewing, laughter and hugs and someone else cooking three square meals a day for us is pure bliss!  We enjoyed watching the snow from the large windows located at one end of the ballroom – all very happy to be inside sewing! Here is the ballroom 30+ quilters took over! Note to self…take more pictures for the blog!!! 😦

DSC03998 DSC03996

Here is what serious quilting at retreat looks like! Everyone had an 8′ table to work on with multiple cutting and pressing tables conveniently located in the center of the room! There is always something one quilter has that we didn’t know we needed! There is always someone willing and eager to teach or share a new technique or pattern.


Remember my resolution for 2014 to reduce this scrap tub? You can read about it here.

2014Scraps (2)

Well, I took this bulging 18+ pounds of scraps to retreat, knowing the contents would find loving homes to go to and here is the table with some of the contents and some free stuff from others.  This was the end of the first day!


I am happy to report a great deal of my scraps were taken and what little bits remained by the last day of retreat were graciously taken by one of the quilters as well as the plastic tub as her prize for taking the lonely orphans! 🙂

Somehow all the stuff that goes to retreat must come home when the hugs and laughter come to an end and good-byes are said with promises made to keep in touch with Facebook friend requests and email addresses exchanged.  Here is proof all of my things made it home but the scrap tub is no longer among the group!


I had hoped to give away a good bit of the scraps but luckily all were taken! Cross that resolution off the list for 2014! I know…I know…I didn’t actually MAKE something out of those scraps but they are all gone none the less.  Gifting away unloved fabric is the best way to de-stash and still counts!

Now that I am refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things, tomorrow I will post what I accomplished at retreat! Yes, we really do work on quilts in between the laughter and catching up.  And even sew a little after a visit to the resort’s bar…ahem! 😉


Happy Monday!

Note:  Check back later in the week for a wonderful story where some of my last year’s scrap tub found a happy ending!!!


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