Two down, one to go!

Wow! I am a week behind in a blog post! I don’t know about you but February is flying by…it must be the windy weather we have had the past few days! We have the craziest temperature swings this time of year in Norman…we woke up on one morning to 61 degrees and the very next morning it was 26! Thankfully, for the most part, the sun is shining and it’s staying just chilly enough to stay in and sew!

I finished the binding on two of three lap quilts this week and that makes two complete quilts from the scrap heap! I am trying to stay on that New Year’s Resolution goal! Read about that here!



I posted the picture of the second one on the Facebook group “Just Us Quilters” asking for help in naming it. My thoughts were “Tropical Punch” or “Wear Your Shades!” since it is SO very bright! “Tropical Punch” seemed to be the favorite so I’ll be putting the label on this one today!

With one more week in February, I hope to get the binding on that third quilt so I can get back to power sewing! Piecing the tops are my favorite part…to me, they are puzzles and I really like making all the pieces come together (which is sometimes a bigger challenge as I only use the pattern as a guide…most of my quilts don’t turn out exactly as the instructions say!)

I have a commissioned quilt coming up, so I want to get one more scrap top put together before I jump into that one! Plus, I have another scrap top being quilted and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

The members of “Just Us Quilters” are an amazing, talented group and are very helpful. They inspire me with their photos of lovely quilts and gentle and generous tips for newbies. Pop over and check them out here if you are on Facebook! There are many quilting groups on Facebook so search for one that fits your style! Many of the groups do Mystery Quilts and block exchanges and swaps so get in on some of that quilty fun!

Happy sewing!


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