Those Pesky Distractions

Good morning all…is it still chilly or downright cold where you are? It’s chilly here, too…so what’s a girl to do? Go shop for a swimsuit! Since spring break is just a couple of weeks away for my daughter, we HAVE to start getting ready for the beach! Dreaming of putting our toes in warm sand as the sunbeams burn bronze our skin…mmmmm, sounds way better than any chilly day in Oklahoma, right!?

Carillon Beach, FL

Carillon Beach, FL

But in the meanwhile, gotta keep on the New Year’s Resolution goals.  Yesterday, I sewed the binding down on the third quilt for February. There are only 3 days left in the month so this has to get DONE!

DSC04197 DSC04196

Thanks to my friend Leslie Dziubinski for the awesome quilting on these quilts in February! Aren’t these some terrific Spring colors! This quilt was made from a Moda jelly roll given to me by another quilting friend for my birthday…ahem!…a couple of years ago! It is an easy pattern using the Strip Tube (C) Ruler from Cozy Quilts. I used leftover pieces on the back (come back for the final reveal!)

After getting some great distractions fabric help on Facebook and the Internet, I am back on track of using up stash! I found some gorgeous fabric just calling my name but I will have to resist! Inspiration is so easy to find just with those two “helpers”…right?!

But now it’s off in search for the perfect swimsuit…not to revealing, not too tight, not to matronly, not too…well, you get the idea!

Wish me luck…it’s awfully chilly this time of year.  I hope a sale rack of sweaters doesn’t distract me! 🙂


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