A week of blah!

Maybe it’s just the reality check after a week-long vacation…but that was TWO weeks ago…maybe it’s yet another tax season…I don’t know…it’s just been a week of blah! The April Fool’s pranks and funnies on Facebook just were not that humorous.  I got my hair colored and highlighted for the spring rather than waiting until closer to summer and, even though I love the way it looks, that still didn’t get me fired up.

I called two long time friends and we talked and talked…laughed a bunch too! I relisted some fabrics on Ebay…even sold a couple of things.  Yet, I couldn’t get back into the swing of things…that’s not really like me…but today I treated myself to a quick visit to my LQS for inspiration. One of our best in OKC is Oklahoma Quiltworks!

I am working with at this group of Kaffe Fasset fabrics…


Here is the goal…a bed runner for a new client…make something like this without a pattern. Yea, no pressure there!

Wonky bed runner idea

I have made several test blocks but the results weren’t “it”…ya know…they were blah!! So I found these lovely batiks to blend a bit and give my eyes a little rest from these gorgeous, loud prints!


Then somehow…these jumped into my arms! They surely will play nicely with the others, don’t you think!?


Zing!!! The one on the right was actually a fat quarter marked down due to a small flaw near the selvage…are you ready for this? It was only $1.48!! Whoohoo!!

Now I’m super jazzed to get these home and get back on this project!!

So here are the last of the test blocks (I made about a dozen trying to get this wonkiness just right)…these were the best…just way too busy…just not “it”…


These are getting closer…still not exactly sure how they will turn out…but getting closer to something I think will work…once I add some of the black accent fabrics…I know I will “nail” it now that I am coming away from the blahs!


It’s a start…the weekend is here and the sun is shining so that’s reminding me to walk away for a while when the blahs linger on. I am off to sit outside with a glass of wine and listen to nature…let my brain quiet from the wrestling with this pattern and these fabrics.

Tomorrow, I will remember the blahs sometimes need to happen so that I will take a breather and come at things from a different angle…a new idea might just be able to push its way through.

A quick trip to the quilt shop usually helps, too!! 🙂



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