Men in kilts!

I just finished re-reading the second book of the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon. I KNOW I am NOT the only one anxious for the TV movie!  As I put the book back on the shelf last night, I remembered I wanted to share this with you!


One of the side trips during our visit to Florida was the small town of Dunedin. We visited the historic downtown and found some small shops and a quick bite to eat. Right beside the eatery was the Dunedin Historical Society museum. There were  great exhibits about pirates, especially WOMEN pirates as well as a display which traveled all the way from Stirling, Scotland celebrating the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn…ooh, yea…show us some men in kilts! *sigh* Alas, the men were only on posters and not even real men…just depictions. The replica suit of armor was pretty neat.


But I digress…this is really what I wanted to share. Who would have thought this would be proudly on display? This quilt!

Cool, right?! I wish I could have read every block…each one had a bit of history of the area…


Dunedin is the sister city of Stirling, Scotland and this sign welcomes you into town…


A CPA firm was a sponsor perhaps? More interesting was my daughter and I visited Caladesi Island, too!


Well, ya know a quilt shop had to get some “ad” space on the quilt!! By the time we figured out where it was, we were past it and it is on a super busy corner with v-e-r-y limited parking! (We’ll just have to make a return trip, right?!) 😉


But if you’re not too excited by the quilt, then this is all I can offer in the way of “men in kilts” for today.

DSC04340 DSC04339 DSC04344 DSC04342 DSC04343

It was kind of a let down for us as well but we were polite and stayed a while to read most of the information. When were we going to make it to Stirling, Scotland, right?!

We’ll just have to wait for the next best thing…men in kilts…on our big ‘ol TV in high definition! Sweet! 🙂


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