Quilting inspiration at a theme park?!

Last week was pretty crazy around here! We have been trying to recover from computer issues…my husband has a server that contains all of his important CPA client data as well as our personal information and, in my humble opinion, just as important photos and blogging materials! 😉

He is still having a weird issue with audio coming from the computer without have any applications, browsers or videos open! He and our computer whiz, Phillip, have run various anti-virus scans which aren’t detecting any bugs.  Phillip has never seen, well…heard, of anything like it! Think of a radio with multiple stations vying for the same channel…sometimes we hear music, sometimes bits of commercials and even a television program!

I am learning a new version of Windows(c) as well as reinstalling TweetAdder, Stamps.com and getting used to a much smaller keyboard. Anyways…

I still have to transfer photos from our vacation but domestic diva duties still must be performed and quilt blocks must be sewn! So until I can fully recover let’s discuss a quilt show…of course, that would be the AQS Show in Paducah, KY!!

I am not able to go this year since we have our Hawaii vacation coming up (tough to choose between the two, I know!) but I have friends from Texas going and I can’t wait to hear all about the fun they are going to have!

I have two friends who are semi-finalists in the show! Their quilts are amazing and I hope they let me show them to you even if they don’t win. Here is a hint of what one of the quilts will include. This is from Busch Gardens in Florida. Quilt inspiration can be found just about anywhere!

DSC04440 DSC04433


Ooh, we HAVE to check this place! Can you see some colorful hexagons?

DSC04434DSC04437 DSC04436

Wouldn’t this make a stunning quilt?!


How about this for a gorgeous quilting design?!

The quilt show in Paducah will have something awesome to see at every turn! It is a quilt show not to be missed!

Click here for more information on the quilt show!

Have you been to it yet? If not, add it to your bucket list! If so, drop me a note and share a favorite memory!






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