Two quilt shops…check!

Our house was once again plagued with computer issues so the timeliness of this blog was affected. That and the fact that we are going ahead with our plans to move to Kauai so strategic checklists were started and tasks set it motion!

First, less than a week after our trip, our sweet golden retriever, Ruby got sick and a trip to the vet was needed. That got us rolling on the first item on the checklist…get the dog cleared to arrive in Hawaii. There is no rabies on the islands and there are strict guidelines for a quarantine process before any animal is allowed. Her rabies shot is current, her micro chipped verified and registered so next step is to send her blood sample off to Kansas State University for confirmation. With meds in hand for the stomach bug and treats for being a very good patient, she is now much better!

Ruby 052014

I am big on checklists…ahem, now I don’t always check off every little thing…and I have been known on occasion to regularly leave a checklist at home…but none the less, I like having a list to go by. A huge move over a big fat ocean to an island calls for a whopper of a checklist! The logistics have to be considered many months in advance and the checklist will change many times.


I found some great tips here.

Anyhow, I’ll share more on all that over the next few months. Bottom line…it is never too early to start the planning!

On our fact-finding trip to Kauai, you know I had to find quilt shops and I posted about one earlier. You can go back to it here.

But to my delight there are TWO fabulous quilt shops on Kauai! *happy dancing*

Oh, the lovelies that were hanging in the shop…batiks and tropical fabrics…it was hard to leave! And the hibiscus by the lanai steps…very nice!


Kapaia Stitchery Shop is located in Lihue. I bought my grandson a cute Hawaiian print (with surf boards of course!) shirt & shorts set here as well as this pattern by Quilting Time called “Pineapples” (C).

Quilting Time Pineapples

Yep, moving to Kauai will be just fine…when I am not strolling down the beach or exploring the many trails, the quilt shops will be waiting for me!

But for now, I have to get back to those checklists!

Feel free to leave any tips that might help us move 3,000+ miles away…lots of tips…please! 🙂


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stitchinggrandma
    May 24, 2014 @ 22:20:47

    I read recently that the fabric was “very” expensive, and some quilters in Hawaii are happy to cut up mens shirts for scrappy quilts. Imagine cutting up tropical print shirts. How fun would that be! 🙂 I have moved many times, and my # 1 thing is to clean out your drawers and get rid of the junk you would throw away when you unpack. :)(



    • sbrctag
      May 25, 2014 @ 14:44:55

      Thanks for stopping by! I was pleasantly surprised to find fabric in Hawaii is pretty much the same as any other place! As for cutting up tropical print shirts, well the old adage of “making do” truly applies everywhere! Upcycle, recycle and reuse is alive and well on Hawaii! Thanks for the tip on getting rid of stuff…we are selling just about everything to reduce the cost of shipping since we are downsizing and choosing a much simpler life style! Mahalo!



  2. Jennifer Poppy
    May 27, 2014 @ 22:35:52

    I love the pineapple quilt – island style is so much fun! 🙂



    • sbrctag
      May 28, 2014 @ 00:30:51

      I love it too, Jennifer! I am seeing this (or a variation of) made up as either gift or available for purchase in our future endeavors with vacation rental clients! Something a little different in the “souvenir” options!



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