Working the checklist

You know the saying “be thankful, there is always something to be thankful for”. Well, I have an addition to that… “be thankful, there is always something that needs to be painted!”

Our moving checklist will forever include painting…my friends and family KNOW this! I am a painting queen (my husband said so even though I would rather be any other kind of queen!) and when our houses go on the market, they have always had fresh paint somewhere.

I am thankful for our home…I am grateful for air conditioning in the summer and the heater in the winter…I am grateful for a sound roof when the rains and storms rail…and of course, very happy to have working plumbing and electricity to run the coffee pot and sewing machine! šŸ˜‰

We always leave our houses better than when we find them…and I grumble take satisfaction that the next owner appreciates our sweat and grit to beat the house into a livable condition. I was reminded of this, AGAIN, today as I paint exterior siding! It is bumpy, holey and literally sucks paint by the gallons.

Here was the house this past fall. The faded gray needs to go and the front door has not been painted! It was installed in 2010! *hangingheadinshame* Well, not completely…I painted the inside for…oh, I am guessing…like, 2 YEARS!!


It’s kinda hard to tell in this photo but our bricks are gray, tan with a hint of pink and some sort of splotchy white.

In 2011 I painted our pool pump house with these colors by Behr at the ever friendly Home Depot! I wanted to paint the front door the same awesome turquoise blue on the pump house door but the hubster put the kibosh on that!

Beach Cabana (so fitting, right!?)

White Feather


Isn’t this just the best beachy brown, ever?! Anyway, in case you are wondering…it takes a LOT of paint to make your house look fabulous. Most of ours had not been updated in many years (and by the paint colors, THAT was obvious!) but we march down to Home Depot and plunk that plastic card down to cart home some of the prettiest colors to make our house our very own!

Here are a few “painting-in-progress” shots…


Cutting around the exterior lights to make ready for the paint roller…see how much warmer (prettier) this color is up against these strange bricks?!


I’m pretty sure painting under the windows will not be fun…good thing there are only two areas like this!

Uh oh! Bedding plant casualties!

DSC04604 DSC04605

Fortunately, these lovelies won’t get stepped on! These are our third Asiatic lilies to bloom and they are safe in the backyard…no painting going on here! Look how many blooms this one will have!! šŸ™‚


So I am again thankful for warmer days and having the flower pots all filled, but paint is on tap for the next few days. Our mornings are nice and cool so the painting is going very nicely! Check back to see the transformations continue.

And yes…we do get tired of painting! šŸ™‚

Do you have any house selling tips? What was your biggest bang for the buck transformation? I’d love to hear from you!





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