Busy being busy, how about you?

I can not believe how fast the days have been going! Are you all as busy this June as we have been!? Since my last post, we have almost finished the exterior painting (rain delays…no complaints from here, we SO need the rain!), the flower beds still need to be tended, lunch & dinner with friends is always a good thing to stop for, lots of wedding anniversaries and birthdays, and a one-week trip to New Mexico has come and gone!

On our moving checklist was a “not-looking-forward-to” trip to Alto, NM to empty our storage unit. It has been just about 4 years since we were last there and the storage unit contained the last remnants of my husband’s client files.


Count ’em up…seven 4-drawer filing cabinets, one 2-drawer cabinet plus one big bookcase created this pile!


Plus…we had a few storage boxes of personal stuff! We filled 8 containers like this for the shredding truck!


Notice how tall that truck is?!? I took a video clip of that beast in action but the file was too big to email. You can come over and watch it on my cell phone someday! 😉

We can’t thank Sunny and her staff at Total Destruction, LLC of Alamogordo, NM for safely and completely destroying our records on-site…in about an hour! Yep! We filled the containers and that truck chewed everything up in about an hour! Sweet!!

If you ever have confidential documents that need to be completely destroyed, please consider one of these service companies in your area. The fees are very reasonable and some even offer a free day at a local bank or medical facility…just bring your box(es) of paper to be destroyed and they take care of it! Easy peasy!

Oh, and those empty filing cabinets? We donated them to The Humane Society of Lincoln County‘s Resale Shop! They have a nice, big truck too and they offer free pick-up of large items! The day after the paper shredding, a nice man in their big truck loaded those cabinets, the bookcase and several boxes of office supplies, notebooks and miscellaneous items and we were DONE!

There is no better sight than an empty storage unit! High fives all around!!

Check back tomorrow for a post on two, yep…two quilting events I managed to work in during this week in New Mexico.

This gal never lets a good business trip go to waste…too bad I didn’t have time to visit Martha’s Fabric Shop but I didn’t really NEED any more fabric. My husband just might have called Sunny back with her truck! 😦





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