Another step forward!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! We enjoyed seeing several friends during the week and spent time with our children and precious grandson!

4th of July pride @ our house!

4th of July pride @ our house!

It was a busy week here for us as we made the biggest step forward in our move to Hawaii…the house is officially listed for sale!!!

It's we go!!

It’s official…here we go!!

The sign went in the yard for less than 2 hours on June 29 (there were still some glitches getting the MLS and computer to cooperate and play nicely together so the sign came back down) before we had to leave town for a short business trip to Texas on Monday, June 30. We arrived in Plano with a phone message someone was interested and wanted to see the house!! My husband explained we were out of town and we would schedule an appointment with her upon our return…our first response!!

July 1, a different Realtor knocked on the door. Our daughter said the woman had a client contact her about a sign in the yard but she now noticed it was gone yet the lock box was still on the door. Our daughter called us wanting to know what to do. We said the Realtor could show it that afternoon…our first showing!!!

Wednesday we returned home, finished up the local MLS listing and the sign went back in the yard complete with flyers. Thursday we finished the exterior painting, ran errands, cleaned out some more stuff, worked in the flower beds…well, you get the idea…and the phone rang and rang! We had appointments for 7 different showings on Friday and Saturday!! So we’re off to the races!!!

Here is the listing if you’d like to take a peek…or send to someone who might want to buy it!!  🙂

MLS Listing in Norman, OK

But as with any step forward (at least for us!) there is a step backward…I have had a sore back for 4 days…I mean really sore…brings tears to my eyes kind of sore! So I am off to see my friend Gwen at her therapeutic massage clinic this a.m. in Edmond. I have been stiff and sore plenty of times, but that usually works itself out in a couple of days! Fingers crossed it is something she can work out for me and I can get back to normal…I’m a busy gal ya know…got a big checklist to work on, right?!

Stay tuned…



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jane
    Jul 14, 2014 @ 15:19:48

    Tracey, your home is just beautiful! good luck!



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