The mind is willing but the back says ‘whoa’!

For the last 10+ days I have had a sore back. Not just a stiff and need to work it out kind of sore. I think I hurt myself pretty well this time. What with painting-inside & outside, weed pulling, grocery lifting, general cleaning and extra-effort cleaning, etc. who was I to think I was Superwoman?!

After two not-so-relaxing therapeutic visits with my good friend, Gwen who owns NTouch Therapeutic Massage & Spa, I think I will survive. She was quite pleased with herself when my sissy moans and groans produced a few pops and releases of tight, formerly frozen in place muscles under her skilled hands. Yea…she’ll hurt ya but it’s all worth it and she is VERY good at what she does!!

It takes a lot of pain for me to slow down but when the pain brings me to tears, even my hubster knows something has to be done. My second treatment was yesterday and today I feel so much better.

Since I had to be in Edmond yesterday anyway (I also had to visit my sweet daughter-in-law, Dr. Kelly Greenlee for my permanent dental implant tooth and crown) I felt the need to visit a few of my favorite places in between appointments. I had time to myself so I visited Half Price Books, Stein Mart and Dollar Tree but the best was the quilt shop!

A couple of weeks back, some of my quilting friends stopped in OKC before heading to a quilt show in Kansas. We met at The Savage Quilter who had a gift-basket door prize drawing. Of course, we all dutifully printed our names and phone numbers on the little slips of paper and dropped them in with the other hundreds. Off to lunch we went and hoped for the best.

Well, guess who called a few days later? Yep, The Savage Quilter called me saying I had won a door prize! Whoohoo! Ok, before you get all excited (like I did!) just know it wasn’t for the behemoth basket they lured us with. But, for me, it was a cool enough prize to test my almost-better-back for the drive north. See what I won?! A fleece panel with our favorite sports team!! 🙂

Boomer Sooner!

Boomer Sooner!

Take my advice…Never…and I mean NEVER, pass up those door-prize drawings!! I wonder who might get this for a cuddly gift this year? It will be perfect to take to a game or snuggle up on the sofa!!

Of course, since I had not been to the shop in 10+ days, I took the opportunity to touch and pet all that fabric! I did find a couple of things on the clearance shelves to bring home. Hey 40% off…a girl has to look, right?!

(L) Kumari Holiday by Free Spirit (R) Sassy by Sandy Gervais

(L) Kumari Holiday by Free Spirit (R) Sassy by Sandy Gervais

I am hoping the back is willing so I can get back to some sewing! I have a commissioned bed runner to finish and a quilted scrap-tastic that needs the binding.

Oh, and the house showings? 25 as of last Sunday with it being “officially” on the market 10+ days! We aren’t complaining about that!

Fingers crossed!!


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