I’m baaaack!!!

Jeez, louise! I just looked at the last time I posted and I am shaking my head in shame! Believe me, I have plenty of excuses…all perfectly good ones, too…but I should have at least checked back in much sooner than now!

Remember our target date to move? October 2014…well, that got here quick!! But, that was just it…a target date…a goal. I think we are pretty darn close!

I’ll quickly summarize the last 2 months (ack! really?!?)

I hurt my back and that took just 2 massage therapy sessions and 1-1/2 months to completely heal. Can I hear some hallelujahs for my recovery…FINALLY!?!

We sold the house in Norman in less than 45 days and 48 showings (with a couple of bumps which delayed the closing until September 17) all during the aforementioned hurt back. Since the back was newly recovered, we held a massive 3-day garage sale with some of the nicest people shopping our wares (even in the rain!!). A few even came back to shop for 2nd AND 3rd times!! The photos below only show a partial array of the stuff we had for sale – what you aren’t seeing is the dining room hoard that had to wait until stuff sold before it could be brought out! The rain day? Well, the floor had only skinny trails around the tables – the boxes were stuffed under all the tables and people were jammed in none the less!! Then we hauled off the left-overs to Goodwill and moved across the metro-plex for our short layover before leaving the mainland!



We are settling in to the rent house and taking a good look at the list of to-do’s for the big move to Kauai. I have been busy selling the last of my quilting and cross-stitch stashes along with a few large items that didn’t sell in the garage sale. Hello Facebook groups and Craigslist!! Goodwill may still get a good bit before it’s all over!

Ruby, the Golden Retriever, has passed her 120-day “quarantine” so she is nearly ready to go, too! She has a visit to the vet for her annual shots in a few days. Then we have to make sure her crate will be large enough for airline regulations and book her passage! She is happier than she looks…really…but we are keeping the vet “visit” a secret for a couple more days! 😉

Ruby 2014

We have to sell our 2 Yukon XL trucks that are way too large for island living. We are still undecided on the vehicle options…buy new and ship over or buy when we get there.

Mr. G still has to get his CPA and Realtor licenses transferred but the October 15 tax deadline has to be dealt with first. Then he can check some more things off his list as well!! THIS is what got checked off his list rather quickly!! Whoohoo!!! It’s gettin’REAL now, man!!!


I’ll do better with the blog going forward since we are nearing the end of this chapter in our lives. It’s been a wild ride this past three quarters of 2014.

Our new chapter will be so interesting! We have a new target date to move…January, 2015! New year, new life-style…what could be more exiting?!?!

Stay tuned…!!



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