Purge and then purge some more!

Each time we move, which has been at least 8 times in 33+ years of marriage not counting when we have helped our children move, we get rid of stuff but seem to accumulate more! Not an uncommon thing for our generation. We are all about the stuff, right?! This past couple of years, we have made huge leaps in simplifying our life. The stuff really gets in the way of that goal.

We are bombarded daily to get more stuff and then, when we get tired of that stuff, we go get more stuff. We have had only 2 garage sales in our marriage and truly hope not to have another! They really are a lot of work for not much money. This last garage sale, we got rid of at least 90% of the stuff…but obviously we had to keep some necessities for daily living until we move from the mainland.

I still have to cook and clean but I disposed of everything but the basics. I no longer need umpteen baking dishes or collectible wine glasses. Fortunately, our daughter brought a few things with her after her divorce, so purging the duplicates was easy. The house we are renting has an extra bedroom so it is our temporary storage for the last remaining things to dispose as well as the last-minute-soul-searching spot for things that can’t be parted with (as long as I can figure out a way to pack and ship it!)

DSC04841This is MY side – my sewing machine is in this mess somewhere!

DSC04840This is DAUGHTER’S side! The scanner & vacuum cleaner are trespassing!

So with just a few months until we leave, this stuff has to be dealt with. The quilting stuff has depleted somewhat with a couple of Facebook groups the buy/sell/trade those types of items. You thought selling on Ebay was crazy…these groups have some members with intense need to get more stuff! Works for me!!

At the end of the day, we sit with a glass of wine, watch the news or a movie and gaze upon this to keep us focused on our goal. Mr. G has a framed photo of Kauai above his desk and I have a Clark Little calendar that keeps me company in the kitchen. It’s just about the right amount of stuff for now!


Tomorrow, the dog goes to the vet for her annual shots (gulp! says she!!) but when we get back, I am going to find that sewing machine…I gotta make some stuff!! I know, I know…that goes against the purge mandate…but, I still need a creative fix! I’ll figure out where it will go…promise!! 😉

Have a great day!


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