De-stashing using Facebook

How can it already be Wednesday, October 15!! We love being one day closer to making our move to paradise, but it feels like time is flying and we still have so much to do!!

This past week we discovered (grudgingly!) that Ruby’s dog crate…which she has no problem with…is too small per FAA guidelines for transporting her to Hawaii! Ack! The thing is XL and that still isn’t big enough!? Nope! So add to the list of To-Do’s…sell dog crate & purchase a GIANT bigger one…just for one 6-hour flight! sigh!

Ok…well, that does help…somewhat…with the car issue. We have to sell both GMC Yukon XL’s but thought we might buy a car that the existing crate would fit in. Well…now we can rent a smaller car and Miss Ruby can ride in freedom in the back, buy the ginormous dog crate in LA or San Diego (whichever airport we fly out from) and then purchase a car on the island. Now…understand…that’s the thought today…tomorrow, next week…it might be another thought! Logistics!!

Anyway…back to daily issues. Some things still have to go away.  Monday these beauties went to their new forever home…in Texas!


A little of the history…the 1970’s Singer on the left was given to me. It’s missing the foot pedal and I don’t know for sure if it works. But, it was blue and I had hoped to fix it up or at least have it for a future collection of blue machines to display at my dream retreat location (stay tuned…that dream isn’t quite dead in the water just yet!) The 1950’s (?) Good Housekeeper was my grandmother’s and she gave it to me when I decided I wanted to learn to make quilts. That thing weighs a lot…think, boat anchor…and I did tote it to a few quilting retreats and got plenty of raised eyebrows. Anyway, I upgraded to a much lighter machine about 10 years ago and this had been safely stored away.

I found a vintage sewing machine group on Facebook and listed the Singer as “Free to a Good Home” but you gotta come get her. A super nice woman I had previously met in another FB group replied she wanted it! Done! Messages were exchanged and she was set to come get it. I told her of the other machine and gave her first dibs on it. Her ecstatic YES! sealed the deal. Two freebies for one trip from Texas!! We met on Monday for a lovely lunch, visited Oklahoma Quiltworks and hardly noticed the rain and chilly temps of the day!

All the while, I have postings for quilting items for sale in yet another Facebook group called Quilter’s Classified. Things are selling a bit at a time so that’s all good. THEN, I had to deal with…wait for the droll, drum…b.b.b.bahm…the cross-stitch stash! Now, it isn’t nearly as much as the quilting, but it still has to go. My..ahem…50+ eyes are older than I feel…and seeing those darn tiny holes in that fabric is getting really I found Stash Unload, a Facebook group that de-stashes cross-stitch stuff. I loaded a few pictures Sunday afternoon…and within 30 minutes…pinky swear!!…I sold 6 things AND made TWO Hawaii connections! *Happy dancing here*

Here is what sold and shipped out today…


It may not look like much, but it is a start! There is more to list for sale and I hope it all finds wonderful new homes as well! I have “met” some really nice people selling my stash. If you are interested in doing some purging, check out these groups. It’s easy, kind of addicting once you start and you make a little money to put towards either new projects or just watch it grow in the savings account…nah!!!…it’s all about getting more stuff, right?!?! 😉

Well, this girl is letting the stuff go, using the cash towards a big-life-altering-move-to-an-island and simplifying her life. I’m not here to say “do it my way”…just showing you a way. I’m sharing all this with you so that YOU can do it too…you just gotta let it go.

Are you ready?




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  1. Alice C
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 19:45:57

    Tracy, I have a friend in her 80s that sold everything and she and her cousin moved to Bangkok, Thailand. She’d never even been there! She’s having a great time! She says the same thing–it’s so freeing to let go of stuff!



    • sbrctag
      Oct 15, 2014 @ 20:34:24

      It is liberating! It was kinda hard at first, but once we got going it became easier. We do get trapped, in a way, by the emotional attachment to stuff. We just keep telling ourselves, this stuff has to go because we want this adventure more. Memories go hand in hand with experiences and the stuff isn’t necessary for those! Thanks for sharing your friend’s story…good for her!



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