Another item checked off!

We are marching right along to end this week in high spirits! Another item has been checked off the To-Do list!

The storage unit in Norman is empty!! We moved the last of Mr. G’s books to the Edmond storage unit!

I know that may not sound like a step forward but for us it is! Our daughter will continue to live in Edmond so she can access our, ahem!…yea,… stuff when we have an address in Kauai. There are a few precious things as well as business records that we must keep. Believe me…by the time we are ready for it to come over, it really won’t be very much! Pinky swear! Besides, she may need some extra storage space soon, too! More on that later!

I have sold a few more things on Facebook since my post on Wednesday. I also have a quilt spoken for that will be delivered on Monday! Sweet!

But now it’s Friday…time for a break and a glass of wine. We received some encouraging news on shipping a car to Hawaii from Matson. So…tomorrow we are off to look at a car…our two Yukon XL’s are way too big for island living, therefore we are going to see what we can get for a trade-in as well as take a test drive or two.


It’s also game day in the Sooner Nation so we will be cheering on the team!

Sunday we are having brunch with our Maui friends that live in Norman! We can hardly wait to tell them the progress we have made on the check-list this week!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Never give up

Snagged this off Ballard Design‘s Facebook post! (They have great stuff, don’t they?!) I thought it was quite right for us!! 🙂





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