Well, hello November! Brr!

It has been chilly and rainy here in Oklahoma the last couple of days so being stuck inside, I kept working on the stars I mentioned here using the Tri-Rec(TM) rulers.

I got a bit panicked when I started chain piecing…I was sewing sides without much thought. Then it hit me…the end result may not be what I was after! Would it make a difference? Let’s find out!


Start with left side or right side first?

Completed "blocks" showing dog ears.

Completed sets showing dog ears.

and now trimmed for review.

and now trimmed for review.

Both sets finished the correct size! Whew! So…bottom line…don’t unsew what you have done…make a test block with the pieces. If it’s all good, then…just switch to the more “correct” assembly of the block. Per the directions with the rulers, start with the left side as shown in the finished one on the left in all the photos. But guess what?! I did the remainder like the one on the right!! I think it all worked out fine none the less!! 😉

12 awesome star blocks!!

12 awesome star blocks!!

But wait…look how they sparkle when turned on point!!



Now to decide the next steps…ya know I’m just winging this thing?! To sash or not, corner stones or more blocks? Check back in a day or so to see what I decide to do with this tropical stash-busting project!

Have a great day…rain or shine!!

Thanks for stopping by…I have now reached over 3,000 hits on my blog! 😀



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