Another quilt touches my heart!

I don’t know WHO is responsible, but it is too dang cold for early November here in Oklahoma! This non-global warming called a polar vertex can just go back up north as far as I am concerned! It was 22 degrees this morning, wind-chill of 12…um, HELLO…no polar bears here so go away!!! Come back in January when (hopefully!) we are LONG gone to Hawaii!! 🙂

I am trying to not get cranky, but that’s what cold does to me…so to keep myself busy (and mark things off the checklist!) I keep working on the stash-busting and surfing Facebook for little gems like this!


“Illusion or Shadow Box”

There is a wonderful group called Just Us Quilters on Facebook and a lady named Winnie from Canada posted the coolest story. I asked if I could share it and she said “Yes” so here you are! For privacy, I have omitted their last names.

Some time ago, I posted a quote on Just Us Quilters saying “Will Work for Fat Quarters’. A member of the Group commented on the quote saying “what would you do for 100 Fat Quarters” ? We then started private messaging each other. I asked her what she meant about working for 100 fat quarters and she told me that she had for a long time a box of 100 fat quarters of fabric and didn’t know what to do with them and the fact that she was moving from her current residence to another one and could not take all her fabrics and things with her. Well I said if you want to send them to me I would make a Quilt for you and send it to you. We are just finding out too that she was from the same Province as I was so it was getting more interesting all the time. Anna said “I will think about your offer and get back to you in a few days’. A few days later she requested my mailing address and then she sent me the box. I was so thrilled that she trusted a complete stranger enough to do this. During the summer months Anna and some of her family members came to my home town for a visit and we got to meet in person. Something beautiful happened and I now have a new friend for life. I got to work on Anna’s quilt , wanting to use a sample of each piece that was in the collection of fat quarters I decided to do the Shadow Box or the Illusion Quilt. When finished My daughter and I made the 2.5 hour trip to Anna’s home town to deliver the Quilt to her. I have cut enough sets of blocks to make 5 more quilts like Anna’s and there is still enough to make 2 strip quilts and 2 or 3 9 patch quilts. I have shared 2 sets of blocks already with my sister and a friend. Thank you Anna for this wonderful gift. Hope you enjoy your quilt for many years.

Winnie gifting the quilt to Anna

Isn’t that a great story!? Random fabric, random comment, and a chance meeting of strangers turns into a new friendship! Truly…”the quilt that binds” is a profound statement!

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and quilts were graciously given to Veterans all over. Read about it here. I saw several posts on Facebook with photos of gifted quilts for service men and women. Quilts touch lives every day…

Have a great day…I gotta go get more coffee…and get back to my UFO for this week! If it’s going to be this cold, I might as well get back under a quilt! Sewing down the binding on this will do quite nicely!


While I daydream about being back here…*sigh*





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