Check off another UFO as DONE!

With bitter cold temps outside, and snow today!, I have been lucky enough to stay inside and finish this UFO started w..a…y back when we lived in New Mexico!

"Stacked Bricks"

“Stacked Bricks” – 80 x 90″

This quilt started as a block exchange with my quilting buddies in Greenville, Texas of the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild. Our friendship group is Cotton Strippers…yes, we would get weird looks when we mentioned “a Strippers meeting next week”! 😉

We were to exchange “bricks” made with scraps of dark fabrics with light fabric ends. To be completely honest…I was not too crazy about these blocks as the months progressed. Block exchanges can be…well, great or awful…it depends on the participants and their “stash”…specifically, the part of their stash they are willing to share!! 😉

Some of these blocks had such ugly fabric, some had dark or medium ends rather than light…and as you can see, they REALLY NEED TO BE LIGHT for this pattern to shine, but thankfully, most were pretty nice!

Close up of blocks and awesome quilting!

Close up of blocks and awesome quilting!

Since I was living in New Mexico at the time, my good friend Pam would take the blocks I made and mailed to her before the group’s meeting and would mail me more scrappy bricks back. It was a fun surprise to open those packages! When the swap faded away after a few months…as does happen with block exchanges…we were a bit short of the number of blocks needed to make the quilt. So she and I raided our own stash…AND…bought extra fabric (gasp!!) to make more bricks for ourselves. I still wasn’t crazy about the scrappiness (and I usually do like a scrappy quilt!) and decided to sash it in black to be done with the dang thing! Pam had her doubts with my choice of fabric.

I had this black tone-on-tone fabric by J. Michelle Watts so out of the stash pile it went to retreat (Tanglewood 2012!) to get this thing done! Well, guess how much Pam liked it after adding the black?! It really seemed to make all those colors sparkle!

So, after a couple more moves (and yet another move in the works!)  it was time to get this thing quilted and bound. Off to another friend in Texas it went to be quilted…this past March!! We decided on “Oh My Feathers” by Lisa H. Calle for the quilt design! You can see it here .

Flash forward in time…here I sit, nice and warm under this quilt watching waves of Hawaii while it’s 24 degrees outside!

Sewing the binding down while ocean waves lift my spirits!

Sewing the binding down while ocean waves lift my spirits!

To finish it off completely, I made a label with scrap backing fabric. I had to rig up a light box using my Ott-Lite and acrylic insert from my Sew-Ezi table!

My version of a light box!

My version of a light box!


Now to see if I can sell this beauty for some extra funds for the move! Are there any takers?! If so, leave me a comment! Heck, just leave me a comment if you like it!!

Baby, it’s cold outside…and I mentioned it’s warm under this quilt, right?!!


Thank you to my sweet hubster for holding up the quilt for me to snap a picture!



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