Taking it one day at a time…then bam! It’s 34 years later!

Good morning! I hope you all made it through the week a bit warmer and drier than here in Oklahoma! Gray and gloomy, rainy and chilly describes the week that just was! We can always use the rain, so I really am not grumbling too much!

With taking things one-day-at-a-time, there’s nothing better to do on rainy days than sewing! I was able to finish not only one but two Falling Charm quilt tops out of the stash pile!

"Bohemian Charms I"

“Bohemian Charms I”

"Bohemian Charms II"

“Bohemian Charms II”

I bought the charm packs on Ebay and there were 48 charms from Amy Butler’s “Hapi” collection so I added 8 extra charms from the stash to make these. I posted the first one on Just Us Quilters group page on Facebook and got more than 350 “Likes” and such nice compliments! NOBODY ever gets tired of “ooohs” and “aaaahs” on a quilt project…just makes you feel all warm and happy, right?! 🙂

I dropped off a quilt top at Sooner Quilts to be quilted for the grandson. I finished it this past week as well, so that little sewing machine of mine has been running fast!

I will share more about that later as it is a work in progress and I may have a fun, kid friendly story to share as well. I don’t believe it will be ready by Christmas but that’s ok. Some things take time to evolve and this one is going to be super special…I hope!

Mr. G was with me at the shop and asked me about the sewing machines for sale. Sooner Quilts is a Janome dealer so I touched a few of them…! Compared to my humble, non-computerized, 10-year old Husqvarna Viking, these are a bit intimidating!

Mr. G and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on Friday! (I still don’t know how that happened so fast!?) We treated ourselves to lunch AND dinner out! We hardly ever do that! It was a nice break. We visited historic Stables Cafe for lunch in Guthrie, OK (since we had to pop in the quilt shop there anyway!)

Cool nostalgia at Stables Cafe…old advertising, neon signs and great burgers!

Then, for a change, we got a bit dressed up for a romantic dinner at Lottinvilles here in Edmond.

Fabulous crab cakes appetizer!

Fabulous crab cakes appetizer!

Here’s hoping our next anniversary will be celebrated in Hawaii!  Fingers crossed!

I received the nicest message from Kathy, a Facebook friend in a Kaffe Fassett group, and her friend from Oahu, Hawaii, Alena! Kathy had read my previous post of the disappointment in not being able to find a place to rent on Kauai. She asked her friend if she could help at all. Such a sweet thing to do (especially since we have never met!) and it really lifted my spirits! Alena confirmed our struggle was not unique and advised us to be patient…that something would open up for us. She is right…timing is everything…and things will work out in due time. It’s the “patient” part that is so hard, right?!

Have a thankful week…one day at a time!

Happy 34th anniversary to  us - celebrated it a bit early this past May on Kauai!

Happy 34th anniversary to us – celebrated it a bit early this past May on Kauai!


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