Hello, December…brrr!

Last night, November bowed out gracefully…after 3 full days of windy, leaf blowing audacity…then December showed up…at 23 degrees this morning! Did I ever mention how much I hate the cold?! Pretty sure I might have mentioned it…grrrr!! 😦

Mr. G started feeling crummy with chest congestion and aches; he had chills then was over-heated…not a great way to end the weekend, poor guy! And we were so over-the-top happy just the day before!

Wait for it…wait for it…no…we haven’t found a place yet to settle in Kauai, but…we did get some good news on Saturday! We did some inquiries with some mortgage lenders…who ran our credit report…and it was excellent!!! Our credit is in great shape to potentially go straight to purchasing a place rather than rent!!! Well, that made us do some happy dancing!!!

So as soon as Mr. G feels a bit more like his usual self, we can start a new search for our piece of paradise! It still won’t happen until after the first of 2015 but that’s just fine! I know our perfect place is just waiting for us to find it!

In the meanwhile, since we are STILL stuck inside and out of the bitter cold winds…might as well keep attacking the scraps. Enough “Falling Charms” already…I am ready for some beachy blues, greens and purples! Good grief…I think those scraps keep breeding just as fast as I sell fabric and move it into someone else’s stash!

I found this Seven Point Star paper pieced pattern as a freebie via Pinterest. You can get it free here, too! Thanks Jennifer Ofenstein! You can read her blog here. As you can see, I needed to practice a bit before I jumped back into paper-piecing again! Oops! I didn’t leave QUITE enough on this side!

Test...well, yea...it's a fail!

Test…well, yea…it’s a fail! And that’s why you do a test block!!

Using up scraps...how can there STILL be so much!?!

Using up scraps…how can there STILL be so much!?!

Not to be deterred, I got another one going…and here is a weekend’s worth of efforts!

And it begins...

And it begins…

Side A's and B's become...

Sides A and B become…

...a rockin' Seven Point Star ready for...well, not really sure just yet!

…a rockin’ Seven Point Star ready for…well, not really sure just yet!

Pretty, right?!

I am thinking…these are 5″ finished…maybe some framing strips to make them a bit bigger…say maybe like this…I do have a few more batik scraps…hmmm…what do you think?!?! I found Dilly-Dally Days blog here

Dilly-Dally Days star quilt using "Lucky Stars" by Terry Atkinson pattern

Dilly-Dally Days star quilt using “Lucky Stars” pattern by Terry Atkinson

or maybe something like this…ooohhh…isn’t that some awesome quilting?!??

Quilt by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Quilt by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Well, no matter what I go with, I gotta make more stars! Seems fitting since I am dreaming of stars over Kauai…sparkling above coconut palms…can you see it?!

Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort via Facebook

Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort via Facebook

Oh, and that 23 degrees here in Oklahoma? Well, it’s a lovely 76 in Kauai today…*sigh*


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  3. Yoka Bazilewich
    Mar 17, 2016 @ 11:00:40

    Love your star quilt. Hope I be able to find THE pattern. I love scrap quilt they are my favorite quilts.

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Yoka Bazilewich
    Mar 17, 2016 @ 11:02:27

    Make sure you go o Maui it is awesome. Have been there 3 times.Enjoy!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person


    • Tracy
      Mar 17, 2016 @ 16:11:02

      Thank you Yoka! Scrap quilts are the best! We do want to visit Maui…our good friends lived there for 20+ years and still speak fondly of the life there!



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