A look back on 2014…the year of changes!

Happy New Year! I am so grateful for the beginning of 2015!

I haven’t posted since early December…both the hubster and I got sick the first week of the month for about 10 days each!…and then it was the flurry of activity to make ready for Christmas. We made road trips to New Mexico and Texas to spend time with both our parents.

Our goal for 2014 was to move to Kauai…well…it didn’t happen, BUT we made tons of progress and made changes to facilitate getting there in 2015! Here are some of the highlights to recap what we SUCCEEDED in making happen!

First, we took a 2-week trip to Kauia at the end of April to do our due diligence…check out the island, decide where we wanted to live, LIVE on the island-buy food, gas, check prices on normal as well as unplanned expenses and squeezed in a couple of “tourist” things like a dinner cruise and visits to the botanical gardens. We debated, took into consideration all the pros and cons and we watched the ocean waves. Kauai lured us in with her sunsets and tropical breezes. We decided we would make this happen…some how, some way! October was our first target date…

Here is the cottage we "lived" for 2 weeks in Anahola

Here is the cottage where we “lived” for 2 weeks in Anahola

"OUR" beach every day! Just across the road from the cottage!

“OUR” beach every day! Just across the road from the cottage!

Dinner cruise along NaPali Coast

Dinner cruise along NaPali Coast










Checklists were made…as one thing was checked off, three things were added! The biggest box –  the house had to be sold as well as nearly ALL our stuff – including quilting related things! *Gasp!*

A frenzy of activity…painting, cleaning, plants potted and repairs made…and the house was listed for sale on June 30!

We had a wonderful celebration interrupt our checklist!Our daughter in-love received her DDS…way to go, Kelly!

Dr. Kelly Greenlee - Oklahoma University College of Dentistry

Dr. Kelly Greenlee – Oklahoma University College of Dentistry

The house was under contract in 45 days and SOLD on September 17! Our 3-day garage sale was fabulous in spite of rain and our friends had a rent house available just in time which we could call home until our new target date to move from the mainland…it was just too much going on and too tight to make the jump in October, so now our sights were set for January, 2015!

It's official...here we go!!

It’s official…here we go!!

Quilting stuff that has to go!

Quilting stuff that has to go!

We traded one truck for a new car and sold the other truck!

We traded one truck for a new car and sold the other truck!








SOLD 2014

SOLD 2014

SOLD 2014

SOLD 2014 Texas Stack-n-Whack

SOLD 2014 Texas Stack-n-Whack




Quilt top sold in 2014

Quilt top sold in 2014

As 2014 came to a close, we have sold about 95% of our “stuff”, we have a new car ready for the drive to California to be shipped, the hubster has passed the Hawaii Real Estate license exam and we have pre-qualified to buy a house!

Our daughter Courtney got engaged to a great guy named Chris mid-December! They are planning their wedding for March, 2015…so that added to our joy (yet affects our target date, once again!) and big changes are coming up for them as well. More on that later…(I know, I know…I have mentioned that before!) Check back for the updates…it’s gonna be BIG!! Miss Courtney is in school to be a dental assistant. She only has one more semester remaining and is on course to have a 4.0 GPA…yea, we’re just a tad bit proud of her!

Courtney and Chris

Chris and Courtney in Maryland during Thanksiving

Our children spent Christmas with their in-love families so ours was quiet and reflective. So much had happened in 2014; we needed a couple of weeks to decompress and rest for our next adventure…the logistics for a move from the mainland are numerous and not that easy. But we are not deterred…the goal is still within reach and we are determined to make it happen…however, long it takes. Later this month, we will go back to Kauai for a house-hunting trip! Fingers crossed we will find the perfect thing for us…perhaps something like this! Down-sizing and simplifying is the goal…

House on Kauai


Our latest target date…yep, it keeps moving on us…sometime in March…it isn’t that far off!!

Tomorrow, I will post the progress on my 2014 resolutions to simplify and de-clutter as it relates to quilting…did I get them all accomplished?! Heck, no! BUT, I did get a lot of them checked off the list…in one form or another!

Today, it’s tradition here to eat black-eyed peas for luck in the new year and there are college football bowl games and parades to watch while it’s cold and blustery outside…today is for making new resolutions and setting goals for the new year…today it is all about new beginnings.

Stay tuned…



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kevin
    Jan 02, 2015 @ 19:04:19

    Good luck on the move to Kauai. My parents moved our family over in July 1986. They are still there in Wailua Homesteads but all of the kids moved back to Seattle. It is fun to visit and maybe I’ll move back with my wife after I retire. Have fun!



    • sbrctag
      Jan 02, 2015 @ 20:10:02

      Thanks Kevin! We are so close to making our dream come true! Finding a place to live is the last step…and the hardest since inventory in our price range is very limited. We are looking in Wailua area! Thanks for sharing!



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