Resolutions of 2014 Review-How did I do?

So…how did you do with your 2014 resolutions? Did you accomplish all of them…some of them…none of them?! Well, we do the best we can, right?!

With an anticipated move from the mainland, I knew I had to make some serious resolutions and I want to share the accomplishments I made with my 2014 goals. I wrote them down and made them public (scary!) – you can read about them here. Let’s see how well I did!

1. De-clutter and simplifywe sold the house in September and had a huge 3-day garage sale! THAT definitely covered the “de-clutter” portion and with much less stuff to move to our temporary rental home, that definitely simplified that chore! Here are some before and after photos:

After #3After #2

After #4

Quilting stuff that moved to rent house...

Quilting stuff that moved to rent house…




This is all that is left now!

This is all that is left now!

2. Use up scraps in the tubs… Oh, yea…did I scrap-bust this year! You can read about a few episodes here and here! Remember this tub? Yep! It’s GONE!

2014ScrapsThe only scraps now are in this beachy, blue project still under construction…the fabric shown in the “all that’s left now” photo above are designated fabrics for projects…no scraps…honest!

And it begins...

Last of the scraps of 2014!!

And if I used up scraps, then using up thread is just an added bonus! Many of the spools got partially used, too but I only counted it if the spool was used up entirely! Sold I some, some I gave away but there is still a nice bit to use for  at least 10 years another year of sewing!


Beginning of 2014…2 layers deep and unsorted.


Still quite a stash of thread, but greatly reduced!

Still quite a stash of thread, but greatly reduced!

2014's tally - 16 spools of thread & 13 pre-wound bobbins!

2014’s tally – 16 spools of thread & 13 pre-wound bobbins!









3.  Finish at least one UFO…well, I finished more than one!

4. Make at least 12 quilts or one a month…well…I didn’t quite do that but I did create several tops to use up stash!

“Love Squared”-I made TWO of these!!


Tropical “Fruit Punch”-DONE

Scrappy batik quilt top

Bright Falling Charms top

Falling Charms baby quilt-done!

Batik charms quilt top from scraps!

Sweet vintage-feel baby quilt top! Made “charms” from scraps!

“Bohemian Charms II” – made 2 of these!

Turquoise Stars




Last one for 2014!

5. Teach a newbie-quilter or visit a quilt shop with them…this one I didn’t do in person, but virtually through social media! I have “met” several new quilters via Facebook groups and have shared my projects which inspired them to give quilting a-go! The “Falling Charms” pattern has inspired several to use up charm packs they didn’t know how to use!

6. Try a new pattern or technique…I did two of these! First, I learned how to use the Tri-Rec rulers to make the Turquoise stars above!

Second, I created my own design to make a bed runner commissioned by a friend of a high school friend (again, thanks to Facebook!). I even used Kaffe Fassett fabrics which was out of my comfort zone! It turned out fantastic (even though it took me several tries and months to finish!)

SusanFairless Bedrunner (2)So that was what I did in 2014! Not too bad considering all the other things going on during the year!

How did you do with your own goals? Pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments!!

It’s 2015…let’s make it fabulous!!! I am working on my list for 2015, so stay tuned…

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  1. Betty Johnson
    Jan 04, 2015 @ 17:50:16

    We still need to get together & sew. I got a new small machine. Call me!



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