Mile-a-Minute progress…

Good Saturday to you! Thanks for stopping by!

I finished the Mile-a-Minute blocks…


(42) 8-3/4″ blocks…random, no-plan-yet layout…










Close-up of a few...

Close-up of a few…

with the beachy blues, greens and purples never-ending scraps from these projects…plus other random fabrics that just need to be used up!




We had a wonderful day with our children and grandson…with everyone out of town for Christmas, we celebrated with them today! Our son & daughter-in-law still have their Christmas tree up (and it is still cold!) so the setting was just right!

We are getting ready for a trip to house hunt on Kauai…a little more excitement with the planning for that!

We’ll have a fun evening with our long-time friends this evening…aren’t Saturday’s great!?

I really don’t wish for the days to fly by but some days I wouldn’t mind them hurrying up just a bit!

Stay tuned…

What will be




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