Drum roll! Wait for it! Hawaii here we come!!

Home in Hawaii

Our future “Home Sweet Home”

Yep that’s me walking up the driveway for a second look! This was the first house we looked at and it is now officially under contract!

Let me catch you up since my last post! We flew to Kauai on January 22…that was a long day! We arrived 9:00 p.m. Kauai time and stayed here. Thanks Courtyard by Marriott for the great bed and the gorgeous beach! The Mai Tai’s were pretty awesome, too!

Courtyard by Marriott Kauai

Courtyard by Marriott at Coconut Beach

We were anxious to begin looking at houses with our Realtor, Paul Pacuilla, PB of Reside Kauai on Friday. Out of the 18 potential homes/condos, we really only had 4 serious contenders (reality of moving to an island, realizing not the best photos of houses are on the listings, and actual neighborhood settings are total game-changers!) After looking at each of the four, we quickly put in an offer on this one Saturday! Paul gave the sellers until Monday, 5 p.m. to respond.

Late Sunday, we learn that one of the co-owners is out of the country! As in Australia or New Zealand “out of the country” and won’t be back on island until after we have to leave! Panic!

After so many months of looking, with so few houses available and the feeling that our dream might be slipping away, Paul calmed our fears. He extended the offer (until February 2nd!!!) and suggested we have some back-up choices just in case! Back-up choices were nil by this time! Heart-break! The waiting was sure to be agony!

We kept driving around the island. We priced new items the house would need…just in case. We considered the condos…would they take our large dog? We made a couple of drives by the house, hoping and praying the owner would get back on island safely. We went to our favorite place on Kauai…Kalalau Lookout is so beautiful for some quiet reflection. Would our dreams be put on hold for another month…or months…another year?!

Kalalau Lookout Kauai

Kalalau Lookout

We left Kauai on January 28…feeling no closer to a resolution. We didn’t sleep well during our week. The weather was cloudy and cooler than we expected (still way better than back here in Oklahoma!) but, of course, turned gorgeous and sunny our last day. We continued to hope. Restful sleep eluded us.

Finally, on Monday, February 2 we heard back from Paul! The owners countered our offer. We couldn’t get our “YES!! We accept!” back to him fast enough! High-fives all around…not a complete happy dance just yet…they have to accept and get us a contract before it’s real!

Yesterday, we received and electronically signed the contract!! NOW we can happy dance!

Our good friends, Steve and Gwen, had us over for dinner to celebrate and we shared our pictures of the house. Wine was happily consumed!!! Mr. G posted our good news on Facebook!

Now, we wait (up to 10 more days!!-argh!) for the disclosure statement and home inspection before we know our closing date! Our earnest money is waiting for wire transfer in a day or so. Things can finally move forward…the checklists can be amended and prioritized!

Oh…and the other checklist…we are a mere 4 weeks from our daughter’s wedding…!! I still have to find a Mother of the Bride dress!!! Gulp!!

Stay tuned…


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  1. Jennifer Poppy
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 19:21:57

    Congratulations! And now I’ll know one more person on another island…which is always nice when you live in the middle of the Pacific 😉 Praying all goes smoothly for your purchase.


    Liked by 1 person


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