Waiting for disclosure…so let’s play!


Just so you know things are a wee bit different in Hawaii when purchasing property. Once you find your perfect place, you go through the normal bidding process. When the price is agreed upon and the contract is signed, you submit your escrow. THEN, you receive the seller’s disclosure statement…but not for up to 10 more days! While we wait for the disclosure, we, the buyer’s, select the home and termite inspectors…and wait some more!

Soooo…while we wait, I played for a while with the scrappy stars in progress! I haven’t worked on them since before we went to Kauai…click here to recall how they started.

7-point stars in progress...

7-point stars in progress…

Units A & B ready to go!

Units A & B ready to go!

They are stacked randomly and I am not giving too much though into sewing the units together. For my picky self, I just don’t want the sides that meet to be the same fabric.


The walking foot on my machine makes assembling paper-pieced seams easy!

For the bulk created in the center seam, I like pressing it open…DSC05057

Chain piecing is my friend!


We are having lovely, spring-like weather this weekend. I hope yours is sunny wherever you are! We spent some outside time with grandson #1 yesterday…loved playing with him!

A lovely day for a swing with Papa...

A lovely day for a swing with Papa…

Some fresh air playing...

Or playing on the slide…

...and hanging out by the duck pond!

Or let’s just hang out by the duck pond!

Have a lovely Sunday!



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