Sparkling stars with a side order of cold!

Once again, it’s cold here in the Sooner Nation! Remember the lovely Saturday I posted about here? Well, it has only gotten colder every day since Sunday! BUT, it isn’t as wicked cold as Boston and we don’t have the massive snow build-up, so no complaints from this girl, okay?!

I finished assembling the A & B units of the scrappy stars…Yay!!! But, when I got to the last two units, I discovered I didn’t have a correct pair! Oops!

I knew the mismatched pair would show itself as I began the pressing…yep…sure enough the one on the left was going to be introduced to my seam ripper!

Got a ripper?

Only one “oops” when assembling 45 blocks!

As soon as I do the reverse sewing, the units can be assembled correctly and will join these!

Behold! 44 glorious, scrappy seven-point stars!

Behold! 44 glorious, scrappy seven-point stars!

Well, high-fives for me! A total of 46 paper-pieced stars using up the last bits of scraps in my stash! Woohoo!!

Ahem…then the little voice inside my head pipes up and says, “NOW what are you going to do with them?!”

“I don’t know!” I cried out, “I just wanted to make them and use up stash! I had no plan for them! Look! See how pretty they are?”

I’ve been scouring the Internet and Pinterest for ideas since I started making these. I put out a distress post on the Just Us Quilters Facebook page. I received several fabulous ideas, but one nice lady had a suggestion that was more what the voices in my head (yes, sometimes there is more than one!). I didn’t want them marching smartly in a row, I didn’t want to make any more, and I truly want to use up what I have on hand.

Ann posted,I see two quilts. The first one uses the stars scattered randomly throughout a quilt using the background fabric. These might be concentrated more in the lower or upper corner and then becoming sparse as you move to the opposite corner using large spaces of the background fabric. The second quilt I see is very linear with stripes of contrasting fabric separating random placement of the stars in rows. They are wonderful blocks and the opportunity for great quilts is endless IMHO.”

Just after reading her response, I discovered this FREE pattern on the Robert Kaufman site! I think this just might be the layout of the stars I was looking for!

Floating Prisms quilt pattern

Floating Prisms @ Robert Kaufman Fabrics

I will randomly place the stars, rotating them as they “float” on the Kona Snow fabric used in the background of the blocks, and make the binding and backing with what I have left! Let me know what you think! I will have to get more white fabric though…*sigh*. But think how sparkly this will be!!

I think a glass of wine is reward enough for finally coming up with a “wicked smart” plan, right?! 😉

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day where ever you are!


I am not from Boston and I mean no offense with the “wicked” adverb! Please don’t ‘gift’ us with any snow down here, yah huh!?



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