A Garage Door is Waiting…Patiently

Just so you know, patience is not my strongest virtue…but I think I might be getting better at waiting.

Patience Scrabble

A week has gone by since we received the disclosure from the sellers, which we signed off on as acceptable, but our Realtor is trying to negotiate a new garage door and opener or at least some credit off the selling price. The fact that it was not in working order wasn’t disclosed. The home inspector noted it. The sellers are waiting for bids for the repairs. We continue to wait for a closing date.

I wanted to work some more on the scrappy stars but I ran out of Kona Snow for the background. I went online to purchase some more from Fabric.com…placed my order…and, you guessed it,…waited for its arrival. (We have only one car now, so going to my LQS wasn’t an option this time!)

My domestic duties didn’t fill the hours for an entire week, so I tackled a project I have been putting off for too long. Putting old photos in albums to move with us needed to be done and then sort the rest for our children. They each will get their respective baby books, handmade with love cards, school reports and other creative endeavors that I have kept as well as all those “bonus” extra school pictures. It was fun reliving memories of Christmas’ past, birthday parties and vacation trips. I was brutal in my quest to keep “the best of the best” as I pitched the blurry images and those of long forgotten places.

I am happy to say I made it through 2001…keep in mind, we were married in 1980! That was a big job! I still need at least 2 more small albums to finish up the photos printed before we went digital. Sorting through the computer files will wait for another time!

Waiting with a good attitude

Which brings us to the end of another week. My reward came with the UPS man late yesterday afternoon. My fabric had arrived! Now I can sew again and keep my mind busy and creative! I only needed 4-1/2 yard to finish the scrappy stars top but to get free shipping I needed to spend at least $35. Hmmm…approx. $12 for shipping or order extra fabric to get free shipping…well, any smart girl would get something for her hard earned cash, right?! I use Kona Snow a lot, so I order 6-1/2 yards and waited.

Extra fabric


I opened the package and saw my prize! An extra 7/8 yard!

It really doesn’t take much to make a quilty girl happy and extra fabric is always a good thing!

What a nice way to end a long week…a project long-overdue is nearly neat and orderly, and another can proceed to a beautiful completion!

PatienceApparently, a garage door somewhere in Hawaii is quietly waiting for its place in our new home!

I wish you all patience and calm while you are waiting for whatever life throws at you in the coming days. Wine helps…just sayin’! 😉


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