A Week of Seasons…Gotta Love It!

Weather Winter Snow

Yep…that’s what we’re known for around here! Thanks KRMG-Tulsa

Ok, for the record…and you know this is no surprise…I hate cold weather! That darn groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter and this year he was right!

Here was a week ago…ice on the patio…poor Ruby only had a smidgen of iceless concrete for her nap!

Disclaimer: She really loves to be outside…she was not banished out into the cold!

Golden retriever

Good thing she has a great winter coat!

Within a day, this was all melted away but schools were cancelled, cars were scattered across all major highways and Ruby was NOT happy to forgo her daily walk…but, that’s how we roll around here!

After a couple of sunnier days to taunt us and give the entire state time enough to get to the grocery stores to clean out the shelves of milk, bread and chips and salsa…this showed up! 5 inches of white stuff where we live! Now I know this isn’t anything compared to back east like I mentioned in this post, but for us…yep, you guessed it…schools get cancelled, more cars are crunched and scattered on the roadways and we all think we might die when it’s ONLY 16 degrees outside!

Snow day Feb. 23

Snow day Feb. 23 – but Ruby STILL got a walk!

Backyard blizzard of Feb. 23

Backyard blizzard of Feb. 23

Happily, most of this has melted off and yesterday we were a balmy 68 degrees outside…once again!

Oh, but wait…ice cold rain and dropping temps are on tap for the rest of this week! See what I mean? We have an old saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a little bit and it will change!”

A quilting friend posted this as well on Facebook, and it pretty much sums up “seasons” in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma "seasons"

Oklahoma weather in summary

You’ll notice, we can not put a specific date on any of these “seasons”?! Why?!

That ever popular Daylight Savings Time being turned on and off each year really screws everything up, ya know?! This year, if gets turned on March 8…don’t forget! (Just why do we still have to do this?!)

Have a nice, warm day wherever you are! You better go get bread and milk, though…and wine…just sayin’!!  😀


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