Hey, February, Are You Done Yet?!

Ok…enough complaining about the cold. It is what it is…especially here in Oklahoma in February. I am just impatiently waiting to get to Kauai! Remember, I already confirmed I don’t have patience as my number one virtue here!

So back to getting busy with the scrappy stars…I did get the top nearly finished. I am only showing you the back for now since I want to add borders to complete the “floating” idea I wanted.

Paper piecing

Waiting for a good pressing after I remove all the d@#$ paper bits!

Close-up of papers to be removed.

Close-up of papers to be removed. Can you say “I see pressing all those seams open in your future?!” Ugh!

I mentioned here my inspiration for the design. I did change up some of the rows since my stars are not the same size as the pattern’s ‘Prisms’. Since they are smaller, they didn’t “float” to my liking.

Notice the numbered pins I mentioned here? Again, when changing the layout of any project, these can keep you from getting things totally messed up!


Keeping the rows in order…very important when you “design” your own way with a pattern!

It was 17 degrees when we got up this a.m. so I will be staying inside and working on the borders.

Progress on Kauai house: The sellers received an acceptable bid for the garage door replacement and asked if we would take half the amount as credit. We accepted this on Wednesday! Now we wait for the appraisal and the termite inspection and, hopefully, FINALLY get a closing date! *sigh*

Oh, and guess what?! We are a mere 8 days until our daughter’s wedding! Fingers crossed Mother Nature blesses us with a sunny day!

Happy Friday, y’all!



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