March Madness

As the month of March starts to wind its way out of here, I want to share the top I finished this month. I am keeping my hands busy (since I can’t strangle anyone or anything in the frustration of trying to buy a house in Kauai!) so the stash can continue to dwindle.

I mentioned this fat quarter bundle in this post. It was gifted to me w-a-y back in 2010 before we moved from New Mexico.

Northcott Stone Roll #RSTONE MC-3

Northcott Stone Roll #RSTONE MC-3

In the beginning, there are squares to make…

Trimming up to make a square in a square...

Trimming up to make a square in a square…

Then rectangles get added to the mix. Here is the preliminary layout…

Which of the squares will anchor the rectangles?

Which of the squares will anchor the rectangles?

This is only my second attempt at partial seams…they are a snap!

A complete unit...easy, peasy!

A complete unit…easy, peasy!

Keep up the pace, keep the units in order, and voila! Another completed top!

"Searching for Beach Glass"

“Searching for Beach Glass”

I used the pattern “Sea Glass” by Janelle Cedusky, printed in McCall’s Quick Quilts June/July 2010. Coincidentally, I came across this pattern shortly before I was gifted the Stonehenge bundle and had put it aside for this project. I added a sandy, beige batik for the borders and substituted batik scraps for two of the Stonehenge fabrics which were too light and would not have had enough contrast. (Those will work into the next top I am working on…a long over-due UFO!)

I start the search for airfare for us and Miss Ruby today so I’ll let you know how that goes…fingers crossed! I could sure use an easy step in this moving process! Our closing date is now March 30 (don’t ask why it keeps changing!)

Are you enjoying the March Madness of basketball? Let me know how your team is doing! Our Oklahoma Sooners are still hanging in there! WhooHoo!! Boomer Sooner!




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