Living at the speed of Quick then Wait!

We are definitely one BIG step closer to our move date today…this morning, we signed the loan documents! It was convenient and oh, so easy!  This will be our 5th home purchase in our married life but this is a first! A mobile notary! A nice lady came to our house with this stack of papers (well, actually two stacks-this was our copy), we put our signature on several of the pages and she put her Notary stamp officially where it was required! DONE!

Mortgage lending

Thank you Quicken Loans!

Next, we went back to our bank to wire transfer the final funds! It was so easy, too! Painful…but easy! It’s never fun to have a big ol’ chunk of money sucked out of your checking account without even writing a check! But, without that step, our dream won’t come true! A place of our own in paradise! DONE!

This part is SO done, we received confirmation of the transferred funds via email from the Title company located in Honolulu in under 2 hours! Electronic and internet magic!!

Now, we wait (are you seeing a frequent pattern here?!) one last time for the sellers to do their part, receive the funds, and for the paperwork to be filed, etc. Finally, 75 days later (10-1/2 weeks after we made the offer!), we’ll have a place to live!

“You don’t have to be rich to live in Hawaii, you just have to want it!” says the guy on Hawaii Life. Yea, you REALLY have to want it and you REALLY have to have stamina and patience!! :/

I mentioned in this post the logistics of getting the dog to Kauai. I like the site for booking hotels and they have an awesome way to search for places that allow animals (usually just dogs and cats) to stay with a small extra fee.  Most places don’t have a problem with pet under 50 pounds (funny, the airlines don’t either!) None the less, I have successfully located hotel accommodations along our 3-days drive to California! DONE!

My reward for all my efforts has earned me some sewing time! Here is the next UFO I am trying to finish up before I have to pack up the last bits of my quilting paraphernalia.

Irish Chain

Test blocks…small squares finish 1-1/8″

The pattern is “Spring Irish Chain” by Hiroko Shimbo and published in this book from 2002…

Irish Chain

A Bouquet of Quilts from C&T Publishing

My mother loves to embroider so I asked her if she would make the Lily of the Valley blocks for me. I had a small stash of black and tan fabrics so I asked her to do the blocks on tan fabric with black thread. When I REALLY sat down and looked at the pattern, I realized these are postage stamp sized squares! There are more than 2,200 of them! Oh, good grief…this will take FOREVER!! I continued to collect fabrics and stashed it away until some day when I would have time to deal with such tiny pieces!

Since I still have a month before we leave, I think I can take the time to deal with them! I will do lots of strip sets and chain-piecing to speed the process!

Strip set sewing

Warning! Strip sets and chain-piecing marathon ahead!

Obviously, this will look nothing like the lovely Spring quilt the designer made. But, it’s OK. That’s the beauty of making quilts – there is freedom in taking a pattern or design and then do your own thing (and use up what you have been hoarding stashing for a long time!) Go for it!

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