How I Got a Kink in My Irish Chain

Hello, April!! I am so glad you are finally here! It’s been warm and sunny here (a few days even made it into the mid-80’s!) which definitely helps lift my spirits! Enough Winter…be gone, already!

I have been working a bit on this project and discovered I needed to make an adjustment after I made a couple more blocks. Since I am using all scraps, both darks and lights, the pattern I tweaked to my liking is now causing a bit of a problem. This pattern is an Irish Chain so the placement of the darks and lights is very important. Here is what I discovered…

Irish Chain

Something seems wrong…

The side “frames” for my quilt will not be the same as the background fabric of the embroidered block (again, remember I said I didn’t look closely at this pattern BEFORE I bought that fabric…yep, not enough now so I am “designing” my own with what I have!) Thus, what should be a light piece just below the embroidered block should be the same as the “framing” fabric…

Black and tan quilt

Here is the problem piece.

And this is what should be in that spot…

Black & tan quilt

Now it looks right!

BUT…you knew that was coming! If THAT piece has to change, well,…so will some others. See where the next block works up against the checker board and what has to happen?

So, yea,...hello Seam Ripper! Grrrr!

So, yea,…hello Seam Ripper! Grrrr!

And that, ladies and gents, is what happens sometimes when you take liberty with a pattern. If you change one little thing, be warned it may change a few more “little” things along the way and, in my case, put a kink in the works! I am just SO glad I figured this out BEFORE I made the remaining 11 checkerboard blocks!. This thing has 11 rows, with 11 little squares…yep, the top row, the bottom row AND the middle row all have to come off! But, I want it right so I better get to froggin’!

I decided I needed a bit of a break from that brain work and pack a few things for Hawaii. I got two boxes labeled and ready to go! We have sold most everything but there are a few things that will go to Hawaii via USPS or UPS since we don’t have enough to justify a container or moving company to handle. We’ll have our kids send us a few boxes at a time once we get to Kauai!

Ready to go!

Ready to go! That is NOT nearly enough tape!

Remember the stuff that had to go back in the Fall? You can see it here. My efforts to sell fabric, quilt tops, stencils, patterns, etc. and even finished quilts has been a great success!

I still have these empty containers to pass on and only have this much fabric to send over! I still have some consolidating to do and think this is all I have that I can’t part with! The top one with fabric spilling out is what I am working from now…it has the black and tan fabrics shown above! The large tote with the green lid is only partially full and its contents will get consolidated soon! I will have my most special, favorite quilts to pack as well as some tops to complete someday that need to be packed. I just haven’t quite figured out the best way to get them to Hawaii, but I will!

A few of the empty fabric containers...I've given away several!

A few of the empty fabric containers…I’ve given away several!

Fabric, notions and tools that I can't part with!

Fabric, notions and tools that I can’t part with!

There are still so many things to do and there’s only 26 days to go…! I am filling each one with a grateful heart and busy hands…now I just need to get more packing tape! 🙂

Make it count


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