Happy Easter!

I hope you are having a beautiful Easter Sunday wherever you are! Thanks for stopping by!

We had a bit of a cold front push it’s rude self into Oklahoma late Friday and a few thunderstorms very early this morning but I don’t think it will deter anyone from church services or egg hunts!

I made some progress yesterday on the Irish Chain blocks I have to fix. I mentioned in this post why I am having to correct 2 finished blocks of 11 rows of 11 itty bitty pieces! Bleh! But right is right, so I kept at it.


Reverse sewing, unsewing, frogging…whatever you call it…it isn’t much fun!

After making the corrections to add the solid black squares to each side, now I am getting into a bit of a groove on the assembly! Thank goodness for my humble design wall to help me keep it all straight!

Irish Chain

That looks much better!

I’ll be off soon to spend the afternoon with our daughter and son-in-love…they have several boxes from wedding gifts they received in the mail to share or dispose of. There should be a few I can use for our packing! I bought more tape so just need packing paper and bubble wrap to get back at it this coming week!

Plus side? They have Easter candy and chocolate!!

Have a blessed day!


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