Ready for the Final Countdown!

Good Sunday to you all! It’s been a busy week around here with packing and finalizing last-minute details for our move! Mr. G finished up April 15 duties (his 30th tax season…ugh!) and he has been working hard on his paperwork and we are tackling piles of shredding!

Document shredding

Shredding…when will it end!?!

I have been selling the last of things that we won’t be taking to Hawaii. The giant dog crate has been ordered and shipped directly to our friends’ home in Capistrano Beach, California (our last stop before getting on the plane in San Diego!) The boxes are piling up and about to be moved to the storage unit for later shipment. Our daughter has gathered the last of her things from here to make their way to Japan in June! The pantry is slowly dwindling it stash of staples and I have a card table now for a work station for a few days before we tear down the computers to pack them for shipment!


20 boxes and counting…

The front living/dining room & my little work space...

The front living/dining room with my little work space & Mr. G’s paperwork

I did manage to finish up the blocks on the Irish Chain! Here is the post where it all began! I also made the single row of alternating squares to make the outer border!

Irish Chain

Random placement of completed blocks!

It conveniently fits inside this container for packing away!

Art Bin Storage

I am selling my humble little Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and several accessory items with it on the Facebook group Quilters Classified. I could take it but I am ready to upgrade to a nicer machine once we get settled. The cost of shipping it all would be a nice sum towards a new setup in Hawaii!



This last full week in Oklahoma will be busy with the remaining items on the checklist marked as DONE and visiting friends and family before we head out next week! I can hardly believe it is nearly time to go!! We are tired by the end of the day but reinvigorated each morning knowing we are “one day closer”! The final countdown begins!

9 days and counting…!!


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