We did it! We really, really did it!

Aloha from Kapa’a, Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai!


We are home! It feels so good to say that! We have been here one week and it has been a flurry of cleaning, trips for necessities, utility hookups and mail pickup as well as meeting our neighbors.

It has been quite an adventure since my last post and I will get you caught up as soon as I catch my breath!

For now, just know we are here…and yes, we’re still kind of awestruck that we did it!

We have the computers up and running, are checking all the email messages and loading updates, and re-connecting with all through the magic that is the Internet! The time difference will take some getting used to, as well. We are at least 5 hours behind our friends and family in Oklahoma and Texas. More importantly, we have a couple of lawn chairs on the front lanai that can be loaded up for a trip to the beach!

Our golden retriever, Ruby, crossed several states and one really big ocean with us and made the trip just fine. She is adjusting very well to life on the front lanai!

Much more later! I can’t find the cord for my camera to transfer photos! We are still waiting for three boxes to arrive from Oklahoma…fingers crossed it is in one of those! I hope you’ll stop back by! Mahalo!

First day in Hawaii


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