A quick recap of moving mayhem…part 1

Aloha! Thanks for stopping by! Its’ been a week of settling in, cleaning up, chatting with neighbors and generally getting to know our way around our new home. Since most of you have moved at least once in your life, I won’t bore you to tears with minutiae of our moving adventures but for those who have inquired, I will give a brief recap of the moving mayhem we endured on our cross-country trek from Oklahoma.

Day one – April 29…the car is packed, the dog is fed and anxious to go since suitcases have been out for a week and we get a surprise last farewell visit from our friends Steve and Gwen. I had kept it together until the night before when I got all teary eyed knowing we had said our goodbyes to our children and grandson. So I don’t know why I started crying again when Gwen came walking up the driveway but I guess just the stress and relief that the trip was finally happening just swept over me…again!

Hugs all around and we were off for Albuquerque by 9:00 a.m. Interstate 40 all the way, baby! The drive was uneventful (and just the boring sameness as far as scenerywas concerned) and we found our hotel without a hitch. Ruby rode in her crate and didn’t give us any trouble. The Holiday Inn Express was wonderful and we ate here for dinner, a great Italian place!

Golden Retriever

Ruby says “it’s time for bed”~

Day two – April 30…after a quick breakfast, we were off for Flagstaff. This would be a much shorter trip than the day before, so we thought we’d take advantage of the closeness to the Petrified Forest State Park. We had been to Flagstaff before but had not worked this stop into our itinerary. We would be too early to check into the hotel anyway so why not? Let’s be adventurous! Most of the park is viewed while driving, but we stopped along the way to take pictures. Ruby even has a photo by a large stump of petrified wood to remind us of her first visit to Arizona! It is an amazing place so if you have a chance to stop, please do!

Ruby enjoying a stretch in Arizona

Ruby enjoying a stretch in Arizona

We continued from the state park on into Flagstaff. On our previous trip, we had only seen it in winter-covered in snow, so this was like seeing it for the first time! We stopped at a community park close to the hotel and then checked into our very large room here. Once again, a very nice place that accepts large pets! We were early for dinner, so a stop here, conveniently located next to the hotel, for happy hour drinks and appetizers fit the bill nicely!

Snow covered peak in Flagstaff

Snow covered peak in Flagstaff

Flagstaff community park

Flagstaff community park

Day three – May 1…after a big breakfast here, since we ate lightly the night before, we’re off to California! Ruby is taking this traveling thing pretty well! We have now crossed Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona but it will be another long drive to stay with our friends, Bill and Dana in Capistrano Beach. We would be able to let Ruby out of the car and crate for a few days. We needed the break as well! Bill and Dana treated us to Dim Sum and an awesome Chinese restaurant, as well as her home-made Pot Stickers…yum!!! But it was the nice walks along the coastline, laughs in their backyard and beautiful weather that made us appreciate what we would soon have as well! Year-round temperate weather, crystal blue ocean and sandy shores were mere days away for us!

Bill & Dana's recently updated patio!

Bill & Dana’s recently updated patio-complete with Bird-of-Paradise and palm trees!

A view of the Pacific across the street from their neighborhood!

A view of the Pacific across the street from their neighborhood!

Silliness in the backyard!

Silliness in the backyard!


Ruby's first look at the Pacific Ocean

Ruby’s first look at the Pacific Ocean

IMG_4203 IMG_4244 We had a lovely weekend, but now the final countdown to flying to Kauai is upon us. We rented a car then drove to Long Beach to drop off our car for shipment to the Nawiliwili port in Lihue. We have been given an estimate of arrival as May 26, 2015.  We weren’t allowed any photos due to security measures but I think this might be the ship, Mokihana, our car will be carried on.

Matson vessel Mokihana

Matson vessel Mokihana

Next post…part 2 of our journey to Kauai. We head to San Diego for our flight! Aloha!


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