A quick recap of moving mayhem…part 3 (last one!)

So…now for the rest of the story…I promise the end is in sight!

Days 7 & 8…May 5 & 6…San Diego. Well, with our cargo reservation snaffu, we can’t do much other than make the most of it, so we’ll do a little “vacationing”. We took a bit more time visiting Seaport Village and took Ruby on walks to the park across the street from the hotel. The park was split by the San Diego City & County Administration building. It has a nice water feature that children can get cooled off in and I easily saw quilt designs in the building’s tile work. Mr. G humored me with a few pictures. We watched the airplanes arrive at the airport, so very close by, and admired the sailing vessels tied at the water’s edge across the street from the park. We ate wonderful Italian food in the Little Italy section and visited a little grocery market with a nice wine selection!

Water feature for children next to County Administration Building

Wide view of the park

Other side of the park looking towards the Pacific and the airport

Ruby and me

Ruby and me

San Diego County Administration Building

San Diego City & County Administration Building

I see quilt designs, don't you?!

I see quilt designs, don’t you?!

A little bit closer view

A little bit closer view


Our neighborhood walk with hip urban living

I love the contrast of the old sailing ship next to the sleek new cruise ship

I love the contrast of the old sailing ship next to the sleek new cruise ship

Office buildings & more urban living

Office buildings, hotels & more urban living and signs of new additions

“Little Italy”

We know San Diego has more to offer, but honestly, we weren’t in the mood to be tourists. We just wanted to be on our way to our new home.

Day 8…May 7…let’s try this again! We’re up and off to the Alaska Airlines cargo area. We stop in the office to be greeted again by Richard – he’s wearing a big grin. He points to a piece of paper taped to his wall by his computer. He shows us the “122 lbs cargo” that denotes Ruby is on today’s flight!! High fives all around!!! Ruby is once again loaded, her crate is zip-tied up and she is ready to go. We go back into the office and swipe that credit card to pay her way! We are in and out in less than 30 minutes…seriously! We head to the Enterprise location and return the mini-van. We load up in the shuttle and we’re off to the terminal. We struggle with the four suitcases but get to the ticket counter and they all are just under 50 pounds each…no extra fee for extra weight! Whoohoo! We breathed a huge sigh of relief and found some much needed coffee and breakfast.

We’re through security without incident and wait for our flight…about 2 hours. I check with the gate ticket agent on what to expect with loading Ruby. She says once Ruby is loaded we will be brought a confirmation of her being stowed. If we don’t receive the confirmation just before the doors in the cabin are closed for take-off, we are to ring for a flight attendant.

Boarding starts and finally we are sitting on the plane but I can’t see the cargo door nor can I see the baggage being loaded. No one comes to us with confirmation. The doors are slamming closed. Anxious, I ring for the flight attendant telling him what the ticket agent told us. He says he will check with the pilot. He comes back shortly saying the co-pilot saw “an older yellow lab”. I say he should have seen a golden retriever. The flight attendant smiles and says, and I quote, “oh yea, that was her, she’s fine!” I asked about the confirmation process and he says, and I quote, “yea, we used to do that, but not any more.” I swear if I had been in the aisle seat and not the window seat…well, you get the idea! He chuckles and says she’ll be down there partying and having more fun than we will. I calmly said I hope so but I would have really liked to have seen her actually loaded or at least, a bit more reassurance from someone!

Our flight could not have been more pleasant. I can only hope that Ruby is truly riding in the lap of luxury in her giant crate. I am happy when the Mai Tai’s are served! To wrap this thing up, 6 hours later we arrive in Lihue. The weather is sunny, warm and breezy! We retrieve our baggage and head for the rental car shuttle. Once at the counter, with some confusion, the Enterprise guy notices our reservation is actually with their sister company, National. What else can go wrong?!

No sweat…it’s just the next double glass doors down and he apologizes for the confusion but a mini-van is waiting and we’re off to the cargo area of the airport to get Ruby. As we are pulling into the parking lot, I see her empty crate. Then I see Mary with Kauai Humane Socitey walking her from a side area. She tells us Ruby was a bit hesitant to get out of the crate, but treats won her over (no surprise there!) and she had already peed and pooed, after 8+ hours in a crate, that’s a relief! Ruby was excited to see us and looked so cute in her Hawaiian lei, jingling with her new Hawaii pet license! We disassembled the crate, one more time, to load it in the car. Remember, each time, those suitcases come out first, then the crate gets loaded, and then the suitcases go back in. I know Mr. G is glad this is the last time for that ordeal!

I took this photo once we got home! It feels so good to finally say that!

Ruby with her Hawaii lei collar

Ruby with her Hawaii lei collar

So that’s it…our little adventure of moving to Kauai. Could it have been easier…surely! Would we want to do it all again…hell, no! But was it worth it…hell, yea!!!

Like the Hawaii Life guy says, “You don’t have to be rich to live in Hawaii, you just have to want it!” Money helps a lot, but what it really takes is planning, planning and then more planning, patience, stamina and a willingness to not give up along the way!

Oh, and here is what it cost (monetarily, that is!) for bringing a 75 pound golden retriever to Hawaii…we won’t talk about the new gray hairs we both have now!

Costs for Ruby

Rabies Intibody Titer blood test – $265.00
Certified Return Receipt for application – $7.19
Application for Neighbor Island Permit – $145.00
Fee for Kauai Humane Society to meet us @ Airport in Lihue – $450.00
New crate per FFA regulations – $211.32
10-day Health Exam, Health Certificate & vet administered flea treatment – $136.95
Cargo fare – $1,017.46
Pet fees for hotel stays (5 nights rather than 3) – $190.00
Total  –  $2,422.92

Was she worth it? Oh hell, yea!!! Here we are, one year later from whence we started dreaming of living in paradise! We really, really did it!



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