Summer Reading

Our first Independence Day in Hawaii!

Our first Independence Day in Hawaii!

I hope everyone had a safe and sparkly 4th of July celebration!

It’s been unusually warm, for Kauai, the last several days. The trade winds seem to have decided to move north and the temps, though only in the mid-to upper 80’s, feel much warmer without them. Plus we haven’t had any rain for several days…those brief showers along with the clouds are sorely missed!

We did a bit more clearing of the bromeliads the day after the fourth. But the winds were slim to none so we only worked for a few early morning hours. But even tiny progress is progress, right?!

More bromeliads gone as well as a couple of dead trees.

More bromeliads gone as well as a couple of dead trees.

Mr. G is recovering from a horrible allergic reaction to mango…the tree sap and/or spores, not from eating it…we think. The dermatologist said it was definitely contact dermatitis that set his eczema into full blown misery! It’s going on three weeks worth of itching, small blisters and peeling skin…yea, it’s pretty much not fun for him! Clearing the debris of the front yard hen house (aka bromeliad corner) didn’t help matters either! But, trooper that he is, he put on long pants and a long sleeved t-shirt and decided to cut some bamboo from our rim.

Yea, and this isn't even one of the super TALL ones...LOL!

Yea, and this isn’t even one of the super TALL ones…LOL!

Mr. G is just a bit over 6 feet tall, so you can sorta guess how tall this stalk was…but, wait…there is still about 15 or so feet of it still in the ground! We can’t “officially” measure them since they start so far down the rim that we he can’t safely measure any of them.

As you can see, it didn’t make much of dent removing this one…but, one day at a time, one step closer! You can go back to this post to see the view we are trying to find once most of this gets cleared!


Free bamboo if you’ll stop by to cut it and carry it away!

How is your summer reading going? I used to do a lot of reading in the summer but I am way behind most people. I go in spurts of reading non-stop and then I don’t read for a while because I am either moving or sewing non-stop! LOL

I have forgotten so many books that I have read that I started keeping track on Goodreads a few years back. Of course, with all the other things going on in my life, I didn’t keep that up very well. But I am determined to read more books and track them so I can catch up with some of my friends. It also would help if I would give the Outlander series a break…I just want to keep re-reading them!!

#amreading DSC05240

Hawaii plants

These have been helpful, too!

What are you reading this summer? Leave a comment to let me know! A few more titles on my To-Read list won’t hurt!

Otherwise, it’s back to clearing bromeliads…or I’m heading to the beach…or…!



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