Bromeliads gone…CHECK!

Good Wednesday morning to you! Thanks for stopping by!

I have had a crummy head cold since last Thursday (!) and am just now starting to feel normal! My voice is still a bit froggy but at least the sinus pressure, sneezing and fever have gone away!

I was feeling well enough (barely) on Friday to help Mr. G finish clearing the last of the bromeliads! YAY!!! By the end of the day, I was down for the count! Bleh!


The last day of clearing…

...cleared and GONE!!

…bromeliads cleared and GONE!!

Street view

Street view

So…a before shot…June 8…


and now …a little more than a month later…W-a-a-y better!!

071015 (4)

Now, granted…the abandoned Pathfinder and the speed limit sign are not ideal to look at, but we can’t control everything outside our front yard. The trees will come down, stumps will be removed and then we can decide what to plant to make this view from our front lanai a bit nicer. A reminder for those just stopping by…these trees are right on top of our water lines and are super invasive, so they have to go. We’ll have this looking tropical again! Stay tuned!

Mr. G also decided he would tackle some of the back yard. This, too, shall take a while!! Again, these are non-native and/or invasive trees we are clearing to open our rim lot view!

071015 (8)

Everything is “one step at a time”…especially tree and bamboo clearing!

I am ready to feel like doing some quilting, but the heat and humidity for the last several days has not been ideal for taking that on. Our daughter sent this photo of a “possible” colorway to make a quilt for grandchild #3 due in October! Ooohh, I like it a LOT!! πŸ™‚

No gender reveal but this was selected...

No gender reveal but this was selected…

I am still working on summer reading when my head isn’t pounding! But, tomorrow is another day in paradise, so I’m sure I’ll be back up to speed soon! I have to start the fabric search…October will be here before we know it! πŸ™‚



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