August Blessings!

Aloha and thanks for stopping by! This month has been unusually hot, for Kauai, and yet, we have had the blessing of no hurricanes to date! We keep asking the locals to release the Trade Winds again…enough torturing us newbies…but they just smile and say they wished they could!

We happily received good news on August 25 that our second grandson has arrived!

Beckett Gray Greenlee, 7 pounds 15 ounces, and 21 inches long…he came into the world just about the same size as his brother did!


Sweet baby boy!

We are going to Skype sometime today to see him! Not nearly as wonderful as holding him, kissing all toes and fingers or just staring at the wonder that he is, but it’s all we can do for now!


Big brother Brogan gets to hold him!

It’s been way too humid and hot to do much in the way of yard work, but…guess what came down a couple of weeks ago?! The Octopus Tree…otherwise known as a Schefflerra…most people see them in houseplant form, but here…well, they get a bit out of hand in our outdoor elements!





wait for it...almost...

wait for it…almost…



The guys cutting it down did a fabulous job…only one limb lightly skimmed the power lines at the street and not one branch landed where they didn’t intend for it! They even raked up the debris that landed in the neighbors yard!

We paid four neighborhood kids to help clear away the limbs and red seed pods while we piled up the chopped wood. Then Mr. G wheelbarrow-ed the wood to the backyard for later disposal (we’re definitely gonna need a pickup!!) This took place over three days…can you say, “we need a week to recover!”

We still have the African Tulip tree to bring down and then stump grinding can commence!

The new hibiscus plants are blooming, most everything we have transplanted from the neighbors are doing well and we’re hoping the grass can slowly replace the weeds…

One day at a time…heat and humidity will help it all along…

Fingers crossed that the rest of hurricane season remains the same calm, near misses…but the rain and mild tropical winds would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Thursday to you!


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