Hurricane, Hurricane…Go Away!

For those who know us, we seem to move when the Earth decides to go bonkers with natural disasters! We have lived through droughts, heat records, ice storms, wind storms, sand storms, tornadoes, wild fires, earthquakes, flash floods and now working up to hurricanes! While living in Oklahoma, the worst tornado ever…EVER…ripped through our metroplex.

Thankfully, we have lived through all of them virtually unscathed and feel truly blessed. We hope our luck continues to hold while living in paradise!

We were relieved when Hurricane Kilo, reduced down to a tropical storm, went south and west of us last week. None the less, Kilo is still churning along and is set to be a record for longest lasting system. It appears Hurricane Ignacio will blow east and north of us. For those geographically challenged, Kauai is the green dot just under the wording “2 AM Wed”. Both of these will bring much needed rain to Kauai, but will also create “brown water” conditions where our rivers meet the ocean…not good for swimming or surfing.

Hurricane Ignacio's path

Hurricane Ignacio’s path

Our next potential trouble maker is named Jimena. She is still pretty far away, but we are watching her progress.

One damn thing after another!

One damn storm after another! 😦

We knew hurricanes could be a hazard in our decision to move to Hawaii, but surely didn’t foresee the worst season on record within our first year of residence! We are “enjoying” a record of three Category 4 hurricanes happening simultaneously this month!

Keep in mind, there is still the months of September and October remaining in the season! Bleh! 😦

While the rains come and go, add in record setting heat temperatures across the entire planet, and the humidity continues to swelter without fail, I’ll continue some sort of productivity at the sewing machine! Throw in some menopausal hot flashes in the mix and then try to guess how many fans we have going in our non-air-conditioned abode?! 🙂

Remember my post here about making a fabric bowl? Well, after making the first one a second time (I didn’t like it so I ripped it apart and tried again!) here’s what I ended up with…oh, and a broken needle on the sewing machine!

A wonky bowl-like thing

A wonky bowl-like thing

Still, I was not happy with it…I don’t like how it ends and it’s very lop-sided! I set a medium sized mixing bowl in it to form it, but that didn’t really help much! I had strips and cording left over so I tried a second bowl…

A smaller, yet taller and still wonky bowl...

A smaller, yet taller and still wonky bowl…

This one went together a bit better and I finished it off slightly more like the teacher’s example…I think…!

Decision? I don’t like making coiled fabric bowls. Yes, it was hot and I was cranky, but I’m going back to making quilts…though, I am glad I tried. Curiosity satisfied!

Mr. G was pretty impressed they actually came out like bowls…but then he asked what I planned to do with them. I said they could hold sewing stuff or hot bowls out of the microwave. (I was hoping they could be gifts, but sadly…um, no!) He simply said…”o-kaaay” and went back to his office! Isn’t he wonderful?

What are you working on? Did it satisfy your need to create?

Drop me a line…before the next hurricane blows by or my next power surge occurs! Now I’m off to make something very cold and delicious to drink! 🙂



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Garden Island Insurance Agency
    Aug 31, 2015 @ 14:02:56

    I love your little fabric bowls. How cute!

    Liked by 1 person


  2. ewgreenlee
    Aug 31, 2015 @ 14:34:53

    Well I can use your wonky bowls to cover my head from Jimena.

    Liked by 1 person


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