With a little luck…

Happy Friday to you! Thanks for popping in!

We dodged another natural disaster bullet this month! The (3)! Category 4 hurricanes skipped right past us last week…then, this week…an 8.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile caused a tsunami alert for all the Hawaiian Islands!


NOAA map courtesy of msnbc.com

Thankfully, here in Kauai, this was a non-event. 2-3 foot waves on top of high tide in the wee hours of the morning caused no threat. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering in Chile. I don’t take lightly how truly blessed we are not to be dealing with the aftermath.

So, we took a deep sigh of relief BUT then got this bit of news!

“Alert level for Mauna Loa volcano (Big Island) raised to ‘advisory,’ but eruption not imminent.”

You can read about it here.

Well, that’s good news! It last erupted in 1984. Let’s just hope it keeps rumblin’, but not ‘ruptin’! (That was terrible, I know!)

I think that is MORE THAN ENOUGH natural disasters for one month, I’m just sayin’!!

On a more fun note, last night, we attended the Kauai Chamber of Commerce quarterly meeting. It was hosted by Sheraton Kauai Resorts. There were exciting door prizes…and I was lucky enough to win!

Mr. G dropped his business card in the glass bowl. The ladies at the sign-in desk asked if I wanted to drop my card as well. I said I didn’t have one. They suggested I write my name on the back of his card. So I did and didn’t think more about it. One of the Resort’s contests was Liking their page on Facebook and posting a selfie while attending the event. I did that. Then during the program, it was suggested to post an Instagram photo for increased chances of winning. I did that, too.

We didn’t win the big prize of a night’s stay but I won a free day’s use of the poolside bungalow! Yep, with that business card I wrote my name on! (I think, technically, Mr. G was the winner, but they called my name!!) You can read about it here!


Whoohoo! A nice way to spend a day in beautiful Poipu Beach!

Our week has ended quite nicely! The Trade Winds are back, too! It’s all good!

I wish you a lucky weekend, whatever Mother Nature throws at ya!

Friday Tip of the Week…if there’s a drawing for a prize, ENTER your name as quick as possible!!! You may not win, but you sure won’t win if you don’t try!!


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