Getting Scrappy Again!

Happy Wednesday from Kauai! This is the bridge leading to one of the many hiking trails on the island which is only about a mile from our house. Isn’t it lovely? It’s just one of our many “ahh!” places.

Bridge crossing to Sleeping Giant trail

Bridge crossing to Sleeping Giant trail

We had a busy weekend with yard work since the weather is hit-and-miss rainy and the week started out just as busy! Can you believe this is the last day of September…already?!

I finished making the test block for the scrappy quilt my friend Pam and I are making together. You can see the beginnings of it in this post. Here is the photo again for reference in this post.

Scrap Quilt for 2015

Scrap Quilt for 2015

Judy H. asked if I would share the details of the block…so…here ya go!

My friend, Pam, the quilting math guru, came up with the measurements based on the Facebook post.

Disclaimer: We are not professional quilt pattern designers, but we are pretty sharp gals and can get pretty close to what the picture shows. However, we do not guarantee your success nor take responsibility for any errors in your project based on our measurements. Rest assured, though, we are using these measurements and may tweak seam allowances, fabrics, layout, etc. as we, the “creators of our own project” decide to change and you may do so as you decide, too!! My directions are geared for quilters of any experience but I am assuming you have made at least one project to understand the lingo! 🙂

The unfinished quilt top is approx. 81″ x 94.5″ and was made with 42 blocks, but you can make yours whatever size you wish. Adjust up or down from what Pam came up with for our supplies for your project. This seems like a good block to make as you go with leaders and enders, too if you like doing it that way…but that’s a BUNCH of 2″ squares! Again, your quilt, your choice of assembly method!! 🙂

Pam’s calculations are as follows:

The background strips (Kona Snow for us) are cut 1.5″ wide and 14″ long. We need a total of 252 strips. It is easier to cut a 14″ strip WOF and then subcut in 1.5″ units. You should be able to get 26 strips per WOF cut. You will need 10 WOF x 14″ wide cuts to make the 252 strips. (I used the remainder of the strip for the 2″ blocks.)

We need 8 two inch squares per block times 42 blocks is 336 squares. Again, cutting WOF at 2″, there will be 17 WOF cuts to make all the squares. (I am cutting these as I need them…I’m a rebel like that!)

We are going with 5 yards of background fabric. Again, adjust this amount if you want a bigger or smaller quilt top…or if you just LOVE having extra fabric on hand! Yea, I know people like you!! 😉

The scrappy strips are 2″ wide and sewed together to make strip sets of 9, 7 and 5. I chose to sew my sets as 5, 4 and 3 and some pairs. See all the math involved in quilting?! We’re keeping our minds sharp, people!!!

Strip sets of 5, 4 and 3

Strip sets of 5, 4 and 3…a few pairs are made,too but not in the photo.

Cross cut the sets in 2″ increments. I like to use light spray starch when making units like these to keep them crisp and flat.


We will also need strip sets of background fabric and one scrap strip to make the 7 and 5 sets add up to 9. I can show you better than I can describe it! We are using Kona Snow so that’s what I’ll call the background fabric going forward. 🙂

Strip sets with 2

Strip sets with 2″ Kona Snow fabric and 2″ scrap fabric…

Again, cross cut 2″ wide…


Yea, I cut one too narrow…do you see it?! Shouldn’t my ruler KNOW to move over to that 2″ line?! Grrr!

You can cut 2″ squares of background fabric and scraps to make these units for more scrappiness! Which I will do going forward. I’m calling these twosie’s…yep, super technically correct word.

Assemble the row units in the following order…

Add a twosie, with the scrap fabric on top, to the top and bottom of a fiver to make it a niner. Make 2.

Add a single 2″ Kona Snow square to a 3 unit and a 4 unit, sew together with Kona Snow on top and bottom, to make another niner. Make 2.

Make a niner with a 4 unit and a 5 unit.

Row units assembled and ready for background fabric between the rows.

Row units assembled and ready for background fabric between the rows.

Can you see it coming together yet? Ok, now go sew Kona Snow strips to each row and then sew those units together to make the block. Make sure there is a Kona Snow strip on both the left side and right side of the block as shown below.

One test block...DONE!

One test block…DONE!

The completed block should measure 14″ square. The scrappy units should finish 1.5″ wide and the Kona Snow rows should finish 1″ wide. The outer Kona Snow units should be 1.25″ wide. I had to tweak my seam allowance when adding the Kona Snow strips but not by much.

This is why making a test block is important. You can see what adjustments need to be made to get the size correct, assembly preferences can be determined as well as color placements and, frankly, to see if you even want to keep going!!

I am pleased with mine so I am going full steam ahead! I have to…Pam has already made 6 blocks! I gotta catch up to her!

I am always open to questions, critiques and compliments…leave a comment if you need further assistance.

Or you can just leave high-fives for a successful scrappy test block!!

Go be colorful and bust that stash!!


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